Alex Approximately by Jenn Bennett Review

Alex Approximately is a book that I bought a long while back and I kept pushing it off for a while just because I thought it would be one of those sloppy cheesy and cliche contemporaries that I would sort of like and sort of hate

 BUT......I have to read it sometime so I thought, 'why not just pick this one up so I can read it in the span of a few weeks and know what's going on.' 

I soooooo don't regret that decision.

This book was honestly the cutest, romantic YA contemporary that I have read in a while! The author's writing was quirky and fun and this story had a fun summer plot line that just kept the book going. Definitely not cliche and so so relatable on so many levels.

This book is a definite 5/5 stars:) Definitely pick it up if you need a fun, cute and romantic book to read.

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