Alex Approximately by Jenn Bennett Review

Alex Approximately is a book that I bought a long while back and I kept pushing it off for a while just because I thought it would be one of those sloppy cheesy and cliche contemporaries that I would sort of like and sort of hate

 BUT......I have to read it sometime so I thought, 'why not just pick this one up so I can read it in the span of a few weeks and know what's going on.' 

One of us is lying by Karen M. McManus Spoiler Free Review

One of us is lying is a teen murder mystery that revolves around four teenagers who are accused of murder.

Bronwyn, the brain

Addy, the beauty

Nate, the Criminal

Cooper, the Athlete

and Simon the Outcast-owner of the notorious gossip app About that are stuck in detention together. However, at the end of detention Simon is dead and only the other four come out safely. Who killed Simon?