The Cruel Prince by Holly Black Spoiler Free Review

So I finally read my first Holly Black book! The Cruel Prince has been getting a LOT of hype recently in the book community so I decided to give it a go to start off my fantasy kick of 2018.

This book revolves around the world of faerie-which apparently is something that Holly Black is an expert of writing about. 

The book was beautifully written, the pacing was great and I thought the plot was fun, dark and twisted which all summed up to be a pretty great novel. 

I did have some problems wit this book despite thoroughly enjoying it. First of all, I didn't really connect with a lot of the characters. The main character Jude was someone that I couldn't really bond with. I liked her nevertheless, but she just seemed like a distant character to me which isn't good when it's told in her perspective.

Conclusion: I just didn't like any of the characters in this book, not even Prince Cardan that everyone was swooning over...LOL like why? 

I also thought that the ending was a tad bit...choppy(?) IDK quite how to explain it. It's like the ending was rushed but then again I don't really want to read more anyway? I liked the book, but not enough to sit down for another hour and read it (I already spent like 4 hours today on this one).

Overall I rate this one a 4 stars, although if you read this review, I'm sort of conflicted about it. I fairly enjoyed it but there were some things that were problematic for me that makes me wonder as to whether I would pick up its sequel in the future. 

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