Ivory and Bone by Julie Eshbaugh Review

Ivory and Bone is a historical fiction novel that is set during the ice age and it revolves around different clans, survival and etc. 

LOL I really don't know what else to say about this book that won't spoil it. 

I went in to this book with fairly high expectations even though I've put off reading it for about almost a year after I purchased it. Sarah J. Maas reviewed the book and claimed that it was excellent so of course I went in with some expectations. 

The biggest flaw of this book is that it was so freaking slow and boring. GOD nothing freaking happens for like the first 300 pages of this book when the whole novel is literally 370 pages. The first 300 pages is literally imagery, describing the scenery and the main character talking about how he and his brothers need to find a wife soon for their clan to survive. 

I mean, I get that marriage is important, but another thing that bugged me was that finding a wife was like the sole purpose of this whole book. I mean COME ON. 

The only complimentary thing about this book was that the narrator Kol used second POV narrative to address Mya, his love interest and while I'm not a fan of second point of view narratives, I think the author managed to implement it well without confusing the reader at all. 

The only reason why I'm not giving this book a two or even a one star is because the last 70 pages or so managed to keep me interested and keep turning the page. I will admit that the last few events in the book were pretty good and if the whole book was as exciting as the last few pages then I would've given this book a much different review. 

Overall I rate this book a 3/5 stars. I'm surprised I didn't give up in the middle of the book and while I would never tell anyone that the book was terrible and horrendous (because it truly wasn't) I definitely wouldn't be recommending this book to anyone either. 

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