A COURT OF WINGS AND RUIN by Sarah J. Maas Review!

OMG. The time has finally come. I think I can say that A Court of Wings and Ruin was one of the most anticipated books of 2017 in our book community. Like ever since it came out, everyone has been raving about it...like EVERYONE.

And it freaking deserves it!!!

I have waited for this for about a year now and omg it was so worth the wait. Sarah J. Maas always finds ways to surprise me with her writing, and her phenomenal stories and plot twists! (Yes there are plot twists in this book but then again what Sarah J. Maas book doesn't.)

That is all I can say without spoiling the book for you guys! I rate this book a 5/5 stars! I loved this book from the first page to the land and I was literally crying by the end of this book because omfg the FEELS. This was such a good ending to Feyre and Rhysand's story and even though theyir story is over, I'm so excited for the continuation of the series in the Prythian world!!!

So yeah. I'm just going to fangirl and you've been warned!!! There will be spoilers so don't read anymore if you haven't read the book yet!!!


1. Why am I feeling bad for Tamlin all of a sudden??? Like I hated him so much for the entirety of this series and I loathed him in this one as well but in the ending scene when he told Feyre to be happy and saved Rhysand from dying... I truly felt bad for him and amidst everything I found out that he still loves her...(Cries one tear...cuz I still kinda hate him)

2. Um...Mor is gay??? Okay, that's cool and I felt really bad for her when I learned her backstory about loving a human and all the tragedies of that but AZRIEL. Omg my Azriel has been pining over Mor for five hundred freaking years like WTF. I love Mor but girl needs to suck it up and tell him so that he can find someone else and live his life. Honestly tho...

3. Nesta and Cassian

OMG. I only hve a few things to say...I SHIP IT. I SHIP IT HARD. Was I the only one dying at their little moment at the end??? (Squeals)

4. Elain and Lucien

Fingers crossed that I'll get to see more of them in the next year but I'll feel like they will be so cute and I'm super happy about the character development that both Elain and Lucien went through in this novel. 

5. Feyre and Rhysand...mostly Rhysand

OMG They are like my OTP. I loved how Rhysand treated Feyre as an equal and in a lot of ways this book really portrays the idea of feminism really well as in women deserve to have the equal power as men and that is what I really love about their relationship. But besides that...isn't Rhysand just like the most perfect male species ever? Plus, my heart died for a few chapters when I thought Rhysand was actually dead. I'm serious I was about to jump off a cliff...

6. High Lords

I love getting to know the high lords a bit more it was super interesting! Also the meeting with the high lords and when Tamlin showed up??? Damn that chapter was phenomenal. 


So yep. Those are my basic outline of thoughts after reading this book. I really loved it and my mind is still in awe mode cuz I keep thinking about it even though it's been a few hours since I've finished it. 

Hope you enjoyed my review/fangirl ranting!!!

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