Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon Review


This book is about a teenage girl, Madeline, who has SCID-basically meaning that she is allergic to the world. So she never left her house for 18 years. She lived the same life in her house over and over again until the new kid-Olly moves in next door and helps her realize that being alive isn't the same as living. 

This book is so hyped all over the place in the book community and me really enjoying Nicola Yoon's other book, The Sun is Also a star (Which I also have a review for, check reviews page) I had high hopes for this one. 

What I am always amazed by Nicola Yoon's books is that all of them follow the cliche story line but somehow the story turns out to be breathtaking and so original. The unique writing and just everything combined makes everything beautiful. 

This book was super sweet with beautiful writing and great characters. I connected with both Madeline and Olly which was great and I found my heart ache for both of them. 

I rate this book a 4.5/5 stars! A super cute and enjoyable read and I would recommend this to anybody looking for a contemporary book to read! I cannot wait for the movie adaptation coming out this May!!!

And now for the SPOILERS:

1. So my biggest ramble is about the ENDING. 

Omg. The reason as to why Maddy's mom locked her up in her house for all of her life was so FREAKIN STUPID. I mean, yeah I get that she was scared of losing Maddy because her husband and her son got killed in a car accident and that sucks


While reading this part of the book I honestly felt that this was just straight up child abuse. You don't do that to someone and it isn't okay and I absolutely do not find it excusable. I was happy that Maddy didn't really forgive her mom for what she did because if I was in her shoes, I would never forgive her. My heart really broke for Maddy when she found out because she basically found out that her life was a lie and she wasted 18 years of it sitting in her room, not able to have the experiences a normal child would have. 

But moving past that depressing stuff...

Just other quick thoughts-
-That trip to Hawaii was so freaking cute! I would've definitely liked to see more because I felt that Maddy was kind of adjusting to her environment way too quickly. It would've been nicer to see her struggles as she adapted to the environment. 

The drawings were on point and cute.

The texts, IMs and the emails were cute. 

Conclusion: Everything was cute

So that was my review! I really really enjoyed this book and I cannot wait for the movie to come out in a few months!!! 

Thanks for reading!

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