King's Cage by Victoria Aveyard Review

This will review will contain a spoiler free and a spoiler section:)

King's Cage is the highly anticipated third installment in the Red Queen series! I binge re-read Red Queen AND Glass Sword to give my brain a refresher and I have reviews up for both of them so you can check those out on my reviews page! 

King's Cage definitely did not disappoint me at all! This book lived up to my expectations and I enjoyed this book from the very firs page to the very last! This book also starts up right where it left off which is great and we get to read from multiple points of view which is awesome!

My one big complaint for this book is that this book moves SLOW. I totally get why the author did that but for about 250-300 pages I felt like I was reading basically the same thing over and over again. Close to no action happened in those pages and it was almost all dialogue. However it wasn't boring at all. I just wished things moved a little faster but again I totally get why the author did what she did. This book deals with more politics and soft power than battle (although there are epic battle scenes here and there)

This book is by far my least favorite in the series but I still love it very much! Victoria Aveyard really has a thing for jaw dropping cliff hangers because I seriously need the next book NOW. I rate this book a 4.5/5 stars and if you're a fan of this series, you'll definitely want to pick this up! 


1. Mare and Maven???

Okay so in terms of their relationship I think pretty much everything is like cleared up. My heart actually did break for Maven when I found out about what Elara did to him. It did break my heart that he once loved Cal and Mare but Elara took those emotions away from him. However, that still doesn't justify all the actions that he has done and I was so glad that Mare realized that. 

2. Too Slow...

The beginning 250 pages or so were all of Mare in the Maven's kingdom in the prison. While the dialogue and manipulative actions between Maven and Mare were definitely fun to watch, it kind of gets-Idk like boring and almost like same old same old. Those first 250 pages were not boring at all and I still flew by them but sometimes I found myself having to put the book down because of it. 

3. Um....I like Evangeline now

Wow, this book really made me like Evangeline. I really liked the few chapters I get to read in her POV and OMG was I the only one that screamed out loud when I found out she was gay? Like that was so out of the blue! But I actually like that because it really acts diversity in the book and in her character. I was able to sympathize with her rather tragic life story and I loved her when she helped Mare-even though she claimed it was for her own good. 

4. Character Development

I think the one big thing that I don't like about Mare is her hypocrisy in behavior. She did a lot of things in GS that she claimed she was against but did anyway. For EX: She claimed to give all the new bloods a choice however she forced and kidnapped Cameron in to joining the Scarlet Guard. However, I really liked how Mare realized her wrong doings even though it was for the greater good and apologized for them. While this series is no where near character driven, that character development really made everything better:)

5. And do I have to talk about Cal? 

OMG. I love Cal and Mare together so much. They're both so stubborn but they manage to work together. That scene where they dueled each other for practice tho! It was so epic and bad ass. However I am super afraid as to how their relationship is going to be in the next book because that ending! When something good happens to them they're ripped apart again. I was so mad at Cal for not choosing Mare and choosing the crown over her. But, I could see where he was coming from and I'm just super worried as to how things are going to go in the next book.  

+ Farely and Shade's baby!!! The FEELS!!! I absolutely loved Shade and I kissed him so much in this book. But I was super happy to find that Farley still had motivation to move on and focus on the task at hand instead of moping around. 

Oh and I liked Kilorn a lot better in this book too:) 


The battle scene in the end was epic as could be expected! It was super bad ass and I loved all the new bloods and their powers! Victoria Aveyard always has a talent for writing epic battle scenes and this one definitely did not disappoint! 

So those were my thoughts for King's Cage! Ughhhh Now I have to wait another FREAKING year for the next one. I can't believe next year will be the year where the last book of this series comes out!:(. I love this series so much I never want it to end! 

How did you like King's Cage and what is your favorite book in the series? I have no idea what to read next even though my TBR is like 100 books long, haha. 

Thanks for reading my review!

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