Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard Review


I just finished Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard and holy crap this book was phenomenal. 

This book is the sequel to Red Queen which I re-read right before I read this one and went in to Glass Sword knowing that I would like Red Queen better because well, often in series the second book always slumps. 

But I was so freaking wrong! 

This book was action packed, fun and exciting and I just loved it! So many new characters were introduced and I loved meeting every one of them! I do get why people don't like this one as much as Red Queen because unlike the first book this one does kind of start off slow. 

I feel like not a lot of stuff really happened in the 80 pages and it started really kicking up like 150 pages in but IT IS SO WORTH IT. The action is so bad ass and OMG just like everything was perfect! 

Overall, I loved reading this book just as much as Red Queen and I rate this a 5/5 stars! I'm jumping straight in to King's Cage and I am so excited! Definitely pick this series up if you haven't yet because it is worth it! 


1. I really liked all the characters that were introduced to us in this book! 
The powers of all the new bloods were so cool and epic and it AHHH! It was great! My favorite is probably Nanny because she is so bad ass. Farley also quick climbed up to my favorites list! I also loved Shade so much and I was so freaking sad when he died! I was legit about to cry:( Oh and Jon creeped the hell out of me like he can see the future and s***. That's creepy AF and at this point idk if he's a good guy or a bad one. 

2. Maven is creepy AF

Okay so I know a lot of people are like #teamMaven but like, guys he's CREEPY. That scene where he left a note with a dead baby was just gross and creepy and the CHILLS! But he is a great villain. I honestly do think that he still loves Mare and def in King's Cage he's going to like declare his twisted love for her or something. 

3. Romance
First off, Cal and Mare is LIFE. I ship them so hard but by the end of the book their relationship is like !!! When Cal accused of Mare still having feelings for Maven I was like BOI? 

Oh and Kilorn...I honestly don't like him that much. I got why he was prejudice against the silvers but Cal saved your scrawny ass. Like Kilorn seriously needed to take a chill pill. I was better with him at the end but I honestly wouldn't be that sad if he was killed off. 

4. That epic battle scene tho

The epic battle scene at Corros just had me at the edge of my seat! It was too much bad assery for one to handle! And that cliffhanger though!!! At least I have the third book in my hands so I don't have to wait! I'm so worried for Mare at this point! The ending was so dramatic! Speaking of dramatic, I found that Mare was a tad bit dramatic of her self importance but like, I could live with it. Nothing too annoying but just a tad bit. 

So, that was my review! I loved this book so much and I cannot wait to jump straight in to the third book! 

Thanks for reading!

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