Walk the Edge by Katie Mcgarry Review

This book is the sequel to Nowhere but Here but this book serves more as a companion because the characters from the first book is mentioned, but this story focuses on two totally different characters. This book follows the story of Razor and Breanna and how Breanna helps Razor find the cause of his mother while Razor protects Breanna from her blackmailer. And their relationship evolves in to something more...

Although this book doesn't focus on the characters from the first book, I do recommend that you read the first one because I feel that it will be kind of confusing at some parts if you don't. 

This book is cliche and in many ways that was probably why I enjoyed it so much. This is the typical bad boy meets good girl, falls in love and changes his bad ways kind of book. So was Nowhere but here. 

But nevertheless this book serves it purpose. 

This book was fun and a guilty pleasure read because as a book it doesn't serve that many purposes but it did enough to make me swoon and basically, it was just a fun fling book that didn't hold much meaning but was quick and easy to read. 

The plot was okay, nothing too interesting and the supposedly 'plot twist' that happened wasn't that shocking. Honestly, again, I just read this for the romance because Razor is swoony AF. I liked Breanna enough but I would've enjoyed her character more if she wasn't the typical "I need a boy to save my feminine bones" kind of girl. But she didn't get on my nerves so all was good. 

Again this is a super fast read. I read this in less than a day! I rate  this book a 4/5 stars! I wouldn't recommend this book if you're looking for some super meaningful story but if you're looking for some fun and quick swoony romance, this book is a keeper! Also, I highly recommend that you read the first book, Nowhere but Here before picking up this book! 

Thank you guys for reading my review!

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