2017 Book Recommendations!

I FINALLY have the time to post!

So, I haven't been able to finish my current read: The Tales of the Shadowhunter Academy and I felt really bad for not posting a review the past week due to school and other stuff...SO

I decided to post my first book recommendations video of 2017!

For this post I'm going to try to stay clear of the super popular books such as Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, and The Mortal Instruments...etc. I'm going to try to focus on some newer releases!

So with that being said, the first book I would like to recommend to you is...

1. Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth!

I got to read Carve the Mark last year as an ARC and OMG it was phenomenal. This book has the perfect amount of romance, action and Science fiction and it's just perfect! I definitely saw Veronica Roth's more matured writing style and this book was super unique so if you want to read something truly 'out of this world' then this should definitely be your go to.

2. Caraval by Stephanie Garber!

Oh my Holy goodness gracious. I was also lucky enough to read this as an ARC and it was so freaking phenomenal. I mention this book all the time because as soon as I read it it quickly came up on my favorites list. This book is magical with wonderful characters and there are so many freaking plot twists I just didn't see ANY of them coming! This book comes out next Tuesday so make sure to check it out!

3. The Female of the Species by Mindy Mcginnins

This book tore my heart open and pulled it all back together. It was a super emotional contemporary novel that deals with stuff like rape, drugs and etc. I know it sounds super depressing but trust me this sin't one of those super depressing and sappy books. This book will literally make you cry and it is so worth it! Make sure to pick it up! I also have an interview with this author so make sure to check my interviews page if you want to check that out.

4. The Great Hunt by Wendy Higgins

This book is so freaking underrated and it makes me so pissed because this book is literally my obsession. 1. Hot book boyfriend. 2. Amazing plot and writing. This book is seriously the whole package and I love Wendy Higgins' writing so much! Make sure to also check out her Sweet Evil series! I would mention that series here but I mention it way too often lol;)

5. The Sun is also a star by Nicola Yoon

This book is talked about a lot in the book community but you know what, it's awesome so I'm totally going to add it to my list here:) If you read the description of this book, It sounds like your normal cliche romance book but oh boy, you HAVE to trust me; it's not. This book is emotional, sweet, cute and has a huge plot twist at the end that I didn't see coming! Also, the writing here is so unique it will totally sweep you in!

So, these were my recommendations for today! I would honestly write more but my hands are beginning to hurt:(. All of these books are fantastic so don't miss out! Check these out and trust me, you will love them:)

Thank you for reading my post!

The Female of the Species by Mindy Mcginnins

The Female of the species is about Alex who is dealing with her sister being raped and murdered. Her coping mechanism is-Violence. 

This book deals with a lot of mature topics such as rape. murder, teenage drinking, sex, etc. so I do recommend it to older readers:)

This book was just freaking FANTASTIC! I usually don't pick up books that deal with 'depressing' books but this book was just phenomenal. This book is told in three points of view and I loved all of them! While I couldn't personally relate to the main character Alex, I could definitely see her train of thinking and that was really cool to see. 

This was a really touching book in the fact that nothing was sugarcoated. This book was gritty and told the truth and hid nothing and that was why this book stood out so much to me. 

This book also deals with the topic of fitting in and I found that very relatable. Some of the characters that we see are smart, some are not, some are good at sports...there are all sorts of dynamic characters in the story but these kinds of people are also in really life and that again made this story more real! 

And of course! The romance in this book was super cute and on point! 


The freaking plot twist at the end was OMG. I couldn't even...I totally didn't see that coming! The book had me in tears until the very last page and it was just...AHHHHH. 

This book is definitely one of the best books I've read in 2017 so far! Seriously one of the best contemporaries I've ever read! I rate this book a 5/5 stars! I highly recommend it to anybody looking for a meaningful contemporary. Again, I would recommend it to mature readers. 

Thank you so much for reading my review!

Mindy Mcginnins Author Interview

I got to interview the lovely Mindy McGinnins about her novel, The Female of the Species and about her writing process along with how to get literary agents, etc! 

The female of the species is an AMAZING read and my review for this book will be coming out shortly:) 

Amazon: Amazon
Barnes and Noble:Barnes and Noble

With all that information out of the way, I hope you enjoy this interview! 

1. What inspired the story of The Female of the Species? 

I was in college when I ran into the inspiration for SPECIES. I never had cable television growing up, so my freshman year in a dorm I was suddenly mainlining all kinds of things, but especially true crime. I watched a mini-doc about a girl who had been raped and murdered in a small town, but there wasn't enough evidence to convict. Even so, everyone knew who did it. I was watching this becoming more incensed, and realized, that if I were capable of it, I could easily find this town, find that mine, and take care of things myself. Then I thought it was probably time to turn off the TV.

2. How did you get the idea for Alex Craft? 

She came about organically once I had the plot. My characters grow into real people alongside the story if I give the them the space to do it.

3. How do you write a book? Is there a certain writing process that you go through?

My process is a definitely lack of process. I start at the beginning and I write until I'm at the end of the story. There's very little planing. I usually don't know how the book is going to end.

4. What aspect of writing do you find the hardest and how do you overcome it? 

Just starting is hard. I don't write every day because I'm not always on a project. I get into the habit of NOT writing (which is very easy) so when I do have a new project on deck it's hard to jump start again.

5. From the books you've written, who is your favorite character and who can you relate to the most? 

My favorite character is easily Stebbs from NOT A DROP TO DRINK. He's a good person in a horrible world, and he was just so easy to write. The character I can relate to the most is Lynn, from the same book. 

6. What YA book would you recommend to anybody? 

I just started THE HATE U GIVE by Angie Thomas. It's stunning.

7. Can you give advice to aspiring writers about literary agents, query letters and etc? 

My biggest advice on that is to do you homework. It took me 10 years to get an agent, mostly because I didn't want to go through all the work I needed to do in order to succeed. I didn't want to learn the industry, the market, the agents and agencies... all the necessary things in order to make it. I wanted to just be a writer, and send off my book and have someone love it. It doesn't work that way. It also didn't help that my first book was shit.

8. What upcoming works can we expect from you in the future? 

I have the first in a fantasy series releasing April 11, GIVEN TO THE SEA, and a contemporary thriller THIS DARKNESS MINE coming in the fall!

        So, that was my interview with Mindy Mcginnins! Once again, thank you so much Mindy for letting me interview you and I hope all of you guys enjoyed it!

And I Darken by Kiersten White

And I darken is a historical fiction novel about The Ottoman Empire. It follows the story of Lada, Radu, Mehmed and their travels and adventures to claim their thrones once and for all. 

So, once again that summary sucks and does not do the book justice at all:(

But moving on past that, this book was so good! 

This book is action packed with romance, betrayal and constant twists and turns! I was pleasantly surprised by how surprised I was by the plot twists that happened in this novel! 

I think the character relationships in this book made this book was it really is. I really enjoyed the unique brother and sister relationship between Lada and Radu. Their love and care for each other was portrayed in a very "unique" way and that was very interesting to see! 

Of course, the romance was really on point! The romance relationships are really complicated in this book but that's what makes it-again, so perfect! I will say that I knew nothing of the Ottoman Empire before reading this book so I didn't know how things worked during that era. Reading this novel felt like learning a piece of history and that was also very cool.

My only complaint about this novel is that it does start at a slow pace and picks up the pace later on. The slow beginning wasn't necessarily bad or boring because I did enjoy reading that but I think the story would've moved better if the 'unimportant' factors of the novel just moved along quickly.

I still can't get over the last sentence of this book! AHHH! I seriously need to know what happens next because I am literally dying. Like literally. I did not see that plot twist at all and when it happened I was gasping so hard I almost threw my book on the ground...

But of course I didn't because book are precious:) 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book! While it did start out a little slow it definitely went on to a full fast paced story later on and the constant twists and turns made this book truly a joy to read! I rate this book a 4.5/5 stars! I would definitely recommend this to anybody who is looking for some action packed historical fiction or anybody who is looking for a low key fantasy novel! 

Thank you for reading my review!

Sarah Porter Author Interview

HI guys! I got to interview Sarah Porter, author of Vassa in the Night! If you didn't know, Vassa in the night is a retelling of the Russian folktale, Vassilissa the Beautiful! Make sure to check the book out! 

Amazon: Amazon
Barnes and Noble: Barnes and Noble

I hope you guys enjoy this interview! Just for your reference, this interview is completely spoiler free so no worries! 


1. What inspired you to write a retelling of the Russian Folktale, Vassilissa the beautiful? 

I grew up with Russian fairy tales! My family had a beautiful, very old book, Pace Wheeler's RUSSIAN WONDER TALES, from 1911, and often read the stories aloud at night. "Vassilissa" was one of our favorites. So writing VASSA IN THE NIGHT was a kind of tribute to my childhood, and to the stories that first formed my imagination.

2. In what ways do you relate to the main protagonist, Vassa? 

I love Vassa, but I honestly don't think I'm much like her. It's a funny thing when a character's voice takes on its own life, and you can feel the presence of someone who isn't much like you at all, but you're still the conduit for everything they say! I was horribly shy as a teenager; Vassa is kind of standoffish, but she's not shy, and she has no trouble speaking up for herself. Maybe I sometimes take a sardonic view of things, the way Vassa often does, and I had a chaotic upbringing, though chaotic in a very different way from hers. I was pretty depressed in my teens, so we have that in common, at least at the start of the book. And maybe I tend to take crazy things in stride, the way she does. That's all I can think of! 

3. What book would you like to write a retelling of in the future? 

I'm pretty sure I'll never write another retelling, honestly. I have two books coming out in 2017, WHEN I CAST YOUR SHADOW and TENTACLE AND WING, and neither of them are retellings. And I have two more novels in progress, and they aren't retellings, either. Writing VASSA was a bit out of the usual for me. I do think the Russian fairy tale "Finest the Falcon" could make a great YA, but I won't be the one to write it!

4. What is a YA book that you would recommend to anybody? 

No book is for everybody! But some I especially love are IMAGINARY GIRLS by Nova Ren Suma, I CRAWL THROUGH IT by A. S. King, and THE POX PARTY by M. T. Anderson. Among books that came out recently, or will come out soon, Kendare Blake's THREE DARK CROWNS is awesome, and so are Kristen Simmons's METALTOWN and CARAVEL by Stephanie Garber.

5. What advice do you give to aspiring writers? How do you first start a story? 

Reading is incredibly important for writers; it's the equivalent of practicing for musicians, especially when you're starting out. I'd advise reading for a few hours every day, and reading widely, including books that seem odd or difficult or aren't your usual kind of thing. The more different voices you're exposed to, the more your own voice can develop. It's also good to keep a secret journal, one you never show anybody, not even your best friend, and just scribble down every crazy random thing that comes into your head for maybe fifteen minutes before bed every night. It's a great way to discover the ideas that you didn't even know you had. After a while, ideas will start to just jump out of nowhere, and onto the page!

I start a book, often, by trying to catch the character's voice; it's sort of like fiddling with a radio dial until the signal becomes clear. Even just a line or two can lead to an entire novel, if the voice is right! Sometimes I'll just jot down a bunch of lines until I feel like I'm "hearing" the character, and go from there.


That was my interview with Sarah! Guys make sure to check Vassa in the Night and I hope you guys enjoyed this interview! 

Thank you once again, Sarah for letting me interview you! 

Walk the Edge by Katie Mcgarry Review

This book is the sequel to Nowhere but Here but this book serves more as a companion because the characters from the first book is mentioned, but this story focuses on two totally different characters. This book follows the story of Razor and Breanna and how Breanna helps Razor find the cause of his mother while Razor protects Breanna from her blackmailer. And their relationship evolves in to something more...

Although this book doesn't focus on the characters from the first book, I do recommend that you read the first one because I feel that it will be kind of confusing at some parts if you don't. 

This book is cliche and in many ways that was probably why I enjoyed it so much. This is the typical bad boy meets good girl, falls in love and changes his bad ways kind of book. So was Nowhere but here. 

But nevertheless this book serves it purpose. 

This book was fun and a guilty pleasure read because as a book it doesn't serve that many purposes but it did enough to make me swoon and basically, it was just a fun fling book that didn't hold much meaning but was quick and easy to read. 

The plot was okay, nothing too interesting and the supposedly 'plot twist' that happened wasn't that shocking. Honestly, again, I just read this for the romance because Razor is swoony AF. I liked Breanna enough but I would've enjoyed her character more if she wasn't the typical "I need a boy to save my feminine bones" kind of girl. But she didn't get on my nerves so all was good. 

Again this is a super fast read. I read this in less than a day! I rate  this book a 4/5 stars! I wouldn't recommend this book if you're looking for some super meaningful story but if you're looking for some fun and quick swoony romance, this book is a keeper! Also, I highly recommend that you read the first book, Nowhere but Here before picking up this book! 

Thank you guys for reading my review!

More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera Review

This book follows the male protagonist, Aaron Soto and his struggles through life as he tries to figure out who he is and his self identity and during that process he has to figure out if it is better to remember or to forget.

Okay, the synopsis for this book is pretty straight forward and simple but OMG there is so much more to this book than what I am letting on! 

This book just flew over my expectation level. Like, wow. This book heart wrenching and real. The writing in this book was beautiful and for a book that deals with the topic of LGBTQ, depression and suicide, this book continued having its funny moments. 

Aaron was so relatable in the sense that he had struggles every teenager would go through. He thought of things that everybody thinks of every once in a while. None of the things that h went through (and he went through A LOT) were sugar coated and that was a part that I really liked about this book. 

Romance isn't a huge part of the book because it's there and it's shown quite often but the story wasn't really focused mainly on that and I actually liked it that way!

I have to say though, the ending was really good but I felt that there could've been more. Like fifty more pages or so to wrap everything up more nicely but I still really liked how Adam Silvera wrapped up the story because I honestly didn't know his this was going to end. 

Contemporaries that deal with depression and suicide are not usually my go to for reading just because it gets me really sad and stressed but this book proved me wrong because I feel like I've learned a lot throughout this story. 

I already pre-ordered Adam Silvera's next novel, History is all you left me, which is coming out in two weeks so make sure to check it out because Adam Silvera is an amazing author! 

Overall, I rate this book a 4.5/5 stars! A definite tearjerker with the perfect combination of humor and sorrow. I will definitely recommend this to anybody looking for a good contemporary that deals with mentall illness:).