Unknown by Wendy Higgins Spoiler Free Review

(I'm kind of in a rush as I am writing this review so I apologize in advance for the super short summary and review:)

So Unknown is a sci-fi novel about an alien invasion and the humans on earth fighting against it. Now, again, super short summary but that is basically what happens along with a LOT of romance drama. The romance being that Amber-the main protagonist female-has a crush on her brother's long term best friend.

Now, again that summary sucks but don't hold that against this book! By all means this book was not the next star wars or what ever science fiction thing that is trending nowadays but nevertheless this book is GOOD.

Now, I loved Wendy Higgins other series, The Sweet Evil series so I had high expectations for this one. (BTW, I totally recommend the Sweet Evil series to ANYBODY! It will shower you with the feels!) I thoroughly enjoyed this book even though it didn't quite meet the bar that the Sweet Evil series has set up.

My main disappointment for this book was that the romance outweighed the science fiction in the story. Don't get me wrong, I love romance but the action was just...okay. Not super exciting...not the extraordinary about the alien invasions. I feel like I read this book for the (Very swoony-I'll give you that) romance. Wendy Higgins IS known for her romance writing skills:)

While her Sweet Evil series was published by harperteen this book is self published which I thought was really cool so guys, buy this book and check it out! yes, it isn't my absolute favorite book and I wouldn't recommend it to anybody looking for some serious action packed writing. BUT, if you are looking for something fairly short, fun and a new swoony book boyfriend, I would recommend this to you! And it is only a $4.99 on ebook so it's actually fairly cheap!

Overall, I enjoyed this book but more for the romance and not for the action aspect of it. I rate this book a 4/5 stars:) Make sure to support this author even more since this is an independent published book:)

Thank you guys for reading my review and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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