The Rest Of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness Review

This book is basically about four kids-Mike, Jared, Henna and Mel living their ordinary lives while the'chosen' ones around them do all the exciting and adventurous duties. While other books these days focus on the chosen ones, this book focuses on the not chosen ordinary ones who live behind the ones who are destined for greatness. 

When I first heard the synopsis of this book, I thought, This is a really cool idea!

The idea was cool, however the story couldn't deliver.

Before I say anything I just want to say that this is totally my opinion and if you enjoyed this book then great! I am so happy that you enjoyed it but unfortunately I just couldn't enjoy it as much as you did. Plus this review will contain super minor spoilers. Like really small spoilers that really aren't even spoilers:). 

That being said, this book sort of sucked. The first flaw, it was boring AF. I know this book focused on the ordinary kids but every other book focuses on the chosen ones for a reason because literally nothing happens in this book! There is literally no story other than the fact that a few of the characters had anxiety problems, they all had crappy families and the typical crush drama that teens have which you can see on any mainstream TV show out there. 

Second, none of the characters were relatable and in fact, they were all sappy and annoying. I couldn't relate to any of them and the main character Mike had this crush on Henna (Not a spoiler) and Henna freaking lead him on and I'm just like WTF? 

Also, this book is kind of fantasy because it has some paranormal aspects to it sometimes but that was also just bleh. 

Overall, I'm kind of pissed that I wasted three days of my precious life on this book because I literally got nothing out of this book and as you can tell, I'm annoyed because I seriously did not get ANYTHING from the three hundred and something pages that I read. Like seriously. 

I rate this book a 2/5 stars. I personally will not recommend this to anybody but again, this is totally my own opinion so if you liked it, then great and if you want to read it then go ahead and don't let my ideas and thoughts affect your reading. 

Well, that was my review! Thank you guys for reading and Merry Christmas Eve!

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