Something in Between by Melissa De La Cruz

Something in Between is about a 17 year old, super smart national scholar student Jasmine, who finds out that she is an illegal immigrant and is illegally staying in the United States. 

This book was a story that I could really relate to because while I am a U.S citizen, a lot of my family members are immigrants and I know how hard it is to get a citizenship in the U.S. 

I felt the story was really moving and touching and this is a story that everybody really needs to read even if you can't relate to it personally. I loved each and every quote that was shown in the beginning of each chapter and I took each one to heart. To be completely honest, the writing style wasn't my favorite and I felt that some parts of the book was just awkward. Like, some parts of the story just didn't flow well. 

Also the was the most corny, instant love that I HATE in books. I hate it when two character just fall straight head over heels for each other as soon as they see each other and this is sort of what happens in this book:(

 Overall, I give this book a 3.5/5 stars! The story was really touching and moving and I really felt the emotions that Jasmine went through during this hard time. While the romance and the dialogue wasn't the best, I still thoroughly enjoyed it!


1. The romance
          I really don't mean to be harsh, but the book itself might have been better without the romance at all! It was cheesy and I really didn't like Royce that much to be honest:( He seemed like wayyyyy to perfect to be true. Yeah, in the duration of this book it is hinted that he wasn't really book smart but like, other than that...he had like, no flaws. Also, Jasmine and Royce falling in love all of a sudden was really unrealistic.

2. The story
The story was what really made me push through this book. I love how Melissa wrote about illegal immigrants because especially nowadays there has been a lot of speculation about this topic. Before reading this book I am ashamed to say that I was sort of against illegal immigrants. But this book made me realize how selfish that was because I didn't see things from the illegal immigrants' perspective. Now, I see things at a broader perspective and I am hoping that more people read this and make the realizations that I Have made.

3. Character Relationships???
This book felt a little rushed for me at a lot of parts. Royce's brother obviously has a lot of problems but it all centers down to not getting enough attention from his father. Mason is sort of (?) redeemed at the end but it would've been nice to see how he acts after his redemption. Also, Royce is interning for his father to help out Jasmine and he talked about facing his insecurities and working as a journalist instead of a politician but that hasn't really happened either.

I felt that the ending of the book was really rushed and I think that if the book was just a few chapters longer, it would've been really better:)

Well, those were my thoughts on this book! Thank you for reading my review and I hope you guys enjoyed it:)

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