Unknown by Wendy Higgins Spoiler Free Review

(I'm kind of in a rush as I am writing this review so I apologize in advance for the super short summary and review:)

So Unknown is a sci-fi novel about an alien invasion and the humans on earth fighting against it. Now, again, super short summary but that is basically what happens along with a LOT of romance drama. The romance being that Amber-the main protagonist female-has a crush on her brother's long term best friend.

Now, again that summary sucks but don't hold that against this book! By all means this book was not the next star wars or what ever science fiction thing that is trending nowadays but nevertheless this book is GOOD.

Now, I loved Wendy Higgins other series, The Sweet Evil series so I had high expectations for this one. (BTW, I totally recommend the Sweet Evil series to ANYBODY! It will shower you with the feels!) I thoroughly enjoyed this book even though it didn't quite meet the bar that the Sweet Evil series has set up.

My main disappointment for this book was that the romance outweighed the science fiction in the story. Don't get me wrong, I love romance but the action was just...okay. Not super exciting...not the extraordinary about the alien invasions. I feel like I read this book for the (Very swoony-I'll give you that) romance. Wendy Higgins IS known for her romance writing skills:)

While her Sweet Evil series was published by harperteen this book is self published which I thought was really cool so guys, buy this book and check it out! yes, it isn't my absolute favorite book and I wouldn't recommend it to anybody looking for some serious action packed writing. BUT, if you are looking for something fairly short, fun and a new swoony book boyfriend, I would recommend this to you! And it is only a $4.99 on ebook so it's actually fairly cheap!

Overall, I enjoyed this book but more for the romance and not for the action aspect of it. I rate this book a 4/5 stars:) Make sure to support this author even more since this is an independent published book:)

Thank you guys for reading my review and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness Spoiler free Review

A Monster Calls is a fascinating book about a boy at the age of thirteen-Connor O'Malley and his mother who is suffering through cancer. But, one night, the yew tree in front of is house turns in to a monster and allows him to learn and speak the truth... 

Okay, honestly, that summary sucked but trust me, there is so much more to this book than the summary I just wrote. 

With that being said, I was SUPER impressed with this book! I didn't expect much from this just because I wasn't a huge fan of Patrick Ness's other book, The Rest of Us Just Live Here but I was really pleasantly surprised with this book! 

This book contains illustrations and the story is so beautifully written. While I personally found the overall theme and message of the book cliche, the unique and beautiful way in which the cliche theme was delivered made this book a joy to read. 

I loved the narrator, Connor and I loved how his thoughts and emotions came from a real person. None of his struggle were sugar coated and that was a huge important aspect of this book. 

I flipped through the pages in a jiffy! Honestly, I would recommend this to anybody in Middle School and up because again this story is definitely one of those stories you don't want to miss out on. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book! I thought it was an awesome read and again, the theme and message was cliche but the delivery was superb so that made up for it:) I rate this book a solid 4/5 stars! 

Also, the movie adaptation for this book is coming out next month, January 6th so make sure to read the book and watch the movie when it comes out! I saw the trailer and I am so excited to see it because the reviews for the movie so far have been A+. 

Anyway, that was my review! Thank you guys for reading and I hope you guys enjoyed it!

The Rest Of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness Review

This book is basically about four kids-Mike, Jared, Henna and Mel living their ordinary lives while the'chosen' ones around them do all the exciting and adventurous duties. While other books these days focus on the chosen ones, this book focuses on the not chosen ordinary ones who live behind the ones who are destined for greatness. 

When I first heard the synopsis of this book, I thought, This is a really cool idea!

The idea was cool, however the story couldn't deliver.

Before I say anything I just want to say that this is totally my opinion and if you enjoyed this book then great! I am so happy that you enjoyed it but unfortunately I just couldn't enjoy it as much as you did. Plus this review will contain super minor spoilers. Like really small spoilers that really aren't even spoilers:). 

That being said, this book sort of sucked. The first flaw, it was boring AF. I know this book focused on the ordinary kids but every other book focuses on the chosen ones for a reason because literally nothing happens in this book! There is literally no story other than the fact that a few of the characters had anxiety problems, they all had crappy families and the typical crush drama that teens have which you can see on any mainstream TV show out there. 

Second, none of the characters were relatable and in fact, they were all sappy and annoying. I couldn't relate to any of them and the main character Mike had this crush on Henna (Not a spoiler) and Henna freaking lead him on and I'm just like WTF? 

Also, this book is kind of fantasy because it has some paranormal aspects to it sometimes but that was also just bleh. 

Overall, I'm kind of pissed that I wasted three days of my precious life on this book because I literally got nothing out of this book and as you can tell, I'm annoyed because I seriously did not get ANYTHING from the three hundred and something pages that I read. Like seriously. 

I rate this book a 2/5 stars. I personally will not recommend this to anybody but again, this is totally my own opinion so if you liked it, then great and if you want to read it then go ahead and don't let my ideas and thoughts affect your reading. 

Well, that was my review! Thank you guys for reading and Merry Christmas Eve!

Top 9 Favorite Books of 2016!!!

God, an amazing year of reading has come to an end! 2016 has been a great year for YA and there were so many great series starters, finishers and contemporaries! While I didn't read as many books as I would've liked due to it being a busy year, I have read some fantastic books so here are my favorite reads of 2016! These books are in no particular order except for the first three books!

1. Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

This book with no doubt had to make it on my list! Honestly this book was freaking fantastic and I seriously just have no words! To read this book you should read at least three of the Mortal Instruments books and all of the Infernal Devices books to avoid any spoilers. But honestly guys, if you guys haven't read it, which I doubt almost no bookworm haven't read, then go pick it up and read it. You won't regret it.

2. A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas (Check review page for review)

OMG this book left me speechless! ACOMAF is the sequel to the book, A Court of thorns and roses which is a retelling of the fairy tale beauty and the beast! I really enjoyed Sarah J. Maas's debut series, Throne of Glass but the A Court of Thorns and Roses series topped it and that is seriously saying something. I have a long spoiler free and non spoiler free review so you guys can check that out (On my reviews page) if you want to see me rant a little more about how great this book is.

3. Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth (Check review page for review)

I don't even think I have to explain this. Like honestly. I loved Divergent by Veronica Roth and I honestly thought she was a fantastic writer with no flaws but this book just showed how much more she improved as a writer! This book is science fiction and it is super action packed with a swoony romance and LOTS OF PLOT TWISTS. I have to say though, this book is a bit violent and odes contain a little bit of 'disturbing' imagery but I doubt that will really stop anybody from reading this book because come on, compared to the stuff on TV, this is nothing. Make sure to check this book out when it comes out on January 17, 2017!

4. Caraval by Stephanie Garber (Check review page for review)

I was so freaking surprised by how much I loved this book! This book is beautifully written, has a circuit themed setting and the romance is freaking amazing! Honestly there are so many betrayals and unseen plot twists in this book that I was literally at the edge of my seat gasping! This book comes out on January 10, 2017 so please make sure to check it out! You will not regret it!

5. The Winner's Kiss by Marie Rutkoski

This is the third book of the Winners Crime trilogy and this book freaking slayed my life. Honestly it pains me when not a lot of people have read this series because it is seriously such an amazing series. A lot of people stop at the first book and they say it was too slow and yes I know the first book isn't super fast paced BUT the second half of the first book is super action packed and the series gets better and better as the book goes so please pick it up!

5. Heartless by Marissa Meyer (Check review page for review)

Of Course, Marissa Meyer never disappoints! Since I loved Meyer's debut series, The Lunar Chronicles, I had super high hopes for this book and they were met! This is a retelling of the story of Queen of Hearts and how the queen became to be who she became to be! This book left me speechless and trust me, I think you will be left speechless too.

6. My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows (Check review page for review)

This book is honestly by far the most funniest book I have read in the year of 2016. This is a 'historical fiction' novel about Queen Mary and Lady Jane. I quote historical fiction just because this is really loosely based on the history. Like really loosely based. This book is super hilarious and I am not exaggerating when I say this: I laughed out loud throughout the whole entire book. it was so hilarious and the writing style was fantastic! You guys should all definitely check this book out!

7. The Great Hunt by Wendy Higgins (Check review page for review)

This book is another underrated book out there that seriously pains my heart so much. This book is full of romance and action and The FEELS! This book has sort of a savage selection vibe. Meaning, this story is about a land (Forgot the name of it, lol) and there is a great threatening beast. So, the kingdom holds a contest to see who will slay the beast and the winner will get to marry the princess, Aerity. I know this book sounds cliche AF but trust me it is not and it a spectacular book, so just check it out.

8. The Raven Boys by Maggie Stievater (Check review page for review)

I know this book is super popular and most book nerds read this years ago but I picked it up a few months back and I can finally see what all the hype was about because My Lord this book was kicking butt! I loved all the characters and the plot line was so unique and unlike anything I have ever read before! I don't recommend Maggie Stievater's Shiver series (Because in my opinion that series was just yuck) but this series is one you definitely want to pick up.

9. The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Abertalli (Check review page for review)

This book is seriously one of my all time favorite contemporaries out there. It is so relatable and the problems and struggles that the characters went through were real struggles that I see people in real life go through along with myself. The narrator is witty, quirky and hilarious even through the problems she goes through. This book is a must read even if you don't like contemporaries because this book seriously changed the way I looked at things in life. This book comes out in April, 2017 so make sure to check it out in a few months!

Well, that was my list! I know, I haven't read as much as last year due to a hectic school schedule but I still read a lot of fantastic book so I count 2016 as a year of reading success! And I urge all of you once again to pick all the books up in this list because they are so freaking fantastic and deserve all the recognition that they get! I'm definitely going to try to squeeze in more reading next year even though I doubt my busy schedule will change:(

Anyway, that was it! Do you see any of your favorites on this list? Thank you guys for reading this post and I hope y'all have a happy holiday!

The Sun is also a Star by Nicola Yoon Spoiler Free Review

The sun is also a star is about a girl, Natasha, who is a girl who only believes in facts and science, not fate and destiny. frankly, she is being deported to Jamaica because she is an undocumented immigrant. Then there is our male protagonist who dreams of being a poet but his Korean immigrant parents push him to be somebody else that he doesn't want to be. One day, Natasha and Daniel meet on the most critical day of their lives and change each other's perspective of the world. 

When I first read the synopsis for this book I wasn't that impressed. It honestly just sounded like a really cliche opposites attract novel. But OMG guys...

This book was something else. 

While this book can sound cliche, there are so many elements in this book that make this book so good. First of all let's talk about the writing style. 

The writing style at first was nothing special BUT something purely genius and amazing happened. Every time the main characters encountered a minor character that seem like they don't have any part in the story, the minor character got their own short history story. Basically meaning that we got to have an insight on what that minor character was going through. 

This really pushed the theme that we all have an effect on another person's life no matter how insignificant we think we are to them. 

I loved the culture difference between Natasha's Jamaican culture and Daniel's Korean culture and not only that, but it was fun to see the difference in their personality and beliefs. 

I have to say that the love in this book was a little too instant love for my taste and I just found that aspect of the book kind of unrealistic but then again I could totally see why Nicola Yoon did that because this book took course in the span of ONE FREAKING DAY. 

That also showed me how one day could really change a person's life for the better or for the worse. The family problems that Natasha and Daniel went through were not problems that only book characters had. They were problems that I on some level could relate to and I know many people can relate to it as well. The family feuds that they have come from a real place because I, having siblings understood the hardships and struggles of having one. 

I honestly wished this book was longer because OMG the ending! I don't know if I live it or not honestly. (Minor spoiler ahead)
I liked how in the epilogue we got to see one of the minor characters and how a small act of kindness has changed her life. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book! This is definitely a book to put to heart! It is so heartwarming, beautifully written and it carries a beautiful message throughout the whole book. I rate this book a 4.5/5 stars! I am definitely going to check out Nicola Yoon's debut novel, Everything Everything because I am now officially her fan. 

Thank you for reading my review!

ARC Review: Caraval by Stephanie Garber Spoiler Free Review

Caraval is about two sisters, Scarlet and Tella who are abused by their father. But they get invited to Caraval, a circuit that supposedly has magic. But Caraval run by the Master Legend is not what is seems and soon Tella gets kidnapped and Scarlet has to fight the other players in the game of Caraval to get her sister back and to get the ultimate prize of the game: One granted wish. 

This book is a fantastic and rich story with vivid imagery and beautiful and lush storytelling! God, I loved this book so much more than I thought I would! 

This book has been compared to The Night Circus multiple of times and as a person who has not read The Night Circus I really didn't know what to expect. This book is so full of twists and turns and there were so many freaking plot twists in the end of this book. I was literally gasping and screaming at every plot twist that happened! Nothing turned out to be like what I expected...

A.K.A Stephanie Garber is a freaking genius.

There were so many riddles in this book and honestly there was so much mystery and creepy factor in this book and I was chilled while reading this book. This book really takes the saying "everything comes with a consequence" seriously because I feel like this book was really centered around that theme.

Also, the romance in this book is just...AHHHHHH! I can't say more than that but honestly I just found yself a new book boyfriend:) 

The writing was also FLAWLESS! Honestly Stephanie Garber's writing just made me feel like I was in the book experiencing everything for myself! 

And the ending! I don't know if this is a series but I seriously hope it is because the ending is leaving me with a LOT questions! It isn't a huge cliffhanger but there is definitely more that can be told in this world so I am truly praying that there will be a sequel! 

Overall, I loved this book! I rate this book a 5/5 stars!The writing, characters and the plot was amazing, beautiful and there were so many plot twists in this book that I was literally at the edge of my seat while I was reading this! 

You guys should definitely pick this book up when it comes out January 10th, 2017!

Thank you for reading my review!

ARC Review: Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth Spoiler Free

Carve the Mark is the first book is a new sci fi fantasy duology from Veronica Roth. This review will be totally spoiler free:) 

The summary of this book is really hard to explain but I actually think it would be better for all of you to go in to it not knowing what the story is about! 

That being said...

I freaking LOVED this book. 

And I am not saying this as a biased reader who loved her first series, Divergent but just as a reader. This book was so freaking fantastic! 

The writing in this book was flawless and I loved the two main characters-Akos and Cyra in this book! The writing switches from both of their point of views and for Akos's point of view it was told in third person and for Cyra it was told in First Person which I thought was really cool! Some people said that it was awkward for them at first but I personally didn't feel any awkward reading the transition of the writing. 

I could also see Veronica Roth develop as a writer throughout the course of this book which made me really happy! She was already a fantastic writer to begin with but the way she weaves the story together in this book just showed me how much she improved as a writer! 

This book captivated me from the very first page! The world in this book is very complex but she told and explained everything in a way which wasn't confusing! I hate books that are really confusing at the beginning and a lot of science fiction novels are like that but not this one! Plus, this book is super action packed from like the very beginning to the end so I never felt bored throughout any part of this book. 

The character relationships in this book were also goals! There is a romance in this book and it is just...beautiful and amazing and just what I ask for in every YA book I read:)

This book has so many freaking plot twists too! I seriously didn't see any of them coming and I was gasping at every surprise that came my way! And I was also a bit surprised by the violence in this book because some of it was graphic but I could totally see why Veronica Roth did that and I was pretty cool with it!The characters were also super kick butt and there was a lot of character development in this book which was really good to see! This book is definitely more character driven than it is plot driven but it is still great nonetheless:) 

Overall, I loved loved LOVED this book! I rate it a solid 5/5 stars! Such an excellent read and I am so happy that I got to pick it up early! Make sure to check this book out January 17th of next year to kick off with a great read:)

Thank you for reading my review!

Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige Spoiler Free Review

Stealing Snow is the first book of a series about a girl, Snow, who has been locked up in a mental asylum although she is not crazy. She later finds out that she is a snow princess and goes on a quest to save her friend Bale and her people. 

I went in to this book with high expectations because I really enjoyed Danielle Paige's other series, Dorothy Must Die. However, this book kind of went down hill for me. 

I felt like the story was very typical, boring and just not unique. I didn't really like the main characters or any other character in the book. The romance in the book was honestly just bleh. Like I couldn't care less about the romance and it was SO unnatural! There was instant love in this book and I absolutely despise instant love. And the love triangle/square (This is not a spoiler) was just...no words. (Slams face in wall) 

There were a few plot twists in the end of this book and I think that made this book bearable...A.K.A I will be rating it at least more than a star. 

Overall, I was really disappointed with this book. I expected much more from Danielle Paige. This book had no character development, no originality, and nothing just stood out to me. Unfortunately this is the most disappointing book in 2016 for me. 

I rate this book a 2.5/5 stars. If you liked it, then great! Everybody has different tastes and we just have to accept that. I was just not personally able to enjoy it that much. 

Thank you for reading my review!

ARC Review: The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Abertalli Spoiler Free

The Upside of Unrequited is a quirky contemporary novel about seventeen year old Molly. She's the fat kid that has never had her first kiss and feels self conscious. This book is about her growing up to not only love herself but live her life to the fullest! Honestly this summary sucks but trust me, there is so much more to this book than what I just wrote. 

Moving on... 


I really enjoyed Abertalli's debut novel, Simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda but this book was just, wow. This book is seriously the best YA contemporary that I have read this year! The character is so relatable and the struggles that she went through were some that I could seriously relate with. But through her struggles, she isn't a sappy or pathetic. Her humor in this whole entire book was so hilarious I was just laughing throughout the whole book! 

The characters in this book are awkward, funny, cute and just what every other high school kid out there is like. Just like her debut novel, this novel also deals with LGBTQ and I also enjoyed reading about that because there aren't a lot of YA fiction out there these days that explore this topic. 

This is an ARC review so I can't say much but all I have to say is when it comes out, GO PICK IT UP! Like, don't even hesitate. You won't regret it! I give this book a solid 5/5 stars! Honestly, I am still in shock with how much I loved this book! I usually don't lean towards contemporary novels but this book...wow. With that being said, this is a MUST read book! 

Check this book out when it comes out in April 2017! 

Thank you for reading my review! 

This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab Spoiler Free Review

This Savage song is a story about a city, Verity, that is split in half. The city is overflown with monsters and the two halves of the city have different ways of dealing with these monsters The monsters basically come to earth when a human commits a sin such as killing another. This book is based on the saying"Violence breeds violence" 

This was my very first Victoria Schwab book and I heard a lot about this author so my expectations for this book was pretty high. And Guess What? It met my expectations! 

The whole story was very original and unique and special! It was like nothing I have ever read before! The characters of this book were great and AHHH the feels! 

I have to say though, this book is VERY dark. Like Very Very dark. Each page was gory, bloody and full of gloom. The world that Victoria built was super dark from beginning to end and that really helped me imagine the chaotic society that we have. Not only in the book but in our actual society as well because this book WAS based on the mass shootings and bomb attacks that were happening a few months ago. 

There was one thing I didn't like about the book and that was the flow(?) of it. This book is a fantasy and well, with fantasy there is a lot of groundwork and world building that needs to happen. This book was no exception. There was a lot of information that needed to be given to the reader for them to fully understand what was going on. Int he beginning I felt that the information was kind of all dumped on me. Like a TON of information was given and I'm just like:


It wasn't necessarily confusing, but I often forgot some stuff that was mentioned in the beginning. I found myself confused at some parts but thankfully, she reminded of us information about the monsters over and over again here and there which made it easier to follow:)

I'm not a big fantasy reader mainly just because fantasy books intimidate me:( But I recommend to everybody even if you are not a huge fantasy fan because this book has a great message and has something for everybody:)

 These are just some memorable quotes from the book because they really just made me think about life in general:

“It was a cruel trick of the universe, thought August, that he only felt human after doing something monstrous.” 

“He could be the monster if it kept others human.” 

“People are users. It’s a universal truth. Use them, or they’ll use you.” 

         Overall, this book was a great read! I am so glad I picked it up and I will definitely be checking out Victoria Schwab's other works soon! I rate this book a 4/5 stars! Thank you for reading my spoiler free review!

Something in Between by Melissa De La Cruz

Something in Between is about a 17 year old, super smart national scholar student Jasmine, who finds out that she is an illegal immigrant and is illegally staying in the United States. 

This book was a story that I could really relate to because while I am a U.S citizen, a lot of my family members are immigrants and I know how hard it is to get a citizenship in the U.S. 

I felt the story was really moving and touching and this is a story that everybody really needs to read even if you can't relate to it personally. I loved each and every quote that was shown in the beginning of each chapter and I took each one to heart. To be completely honest, the writing style wasn't my favorite and I felt that some parts of the book was just awkward. Like, some parts of the story just didn't flow well. 

Also the romance...uh...it was the most corny, instant love that I HATE in books. I hate it when two character just fall straight head over heels for each other as soon as they see each other and this is sort of what happens in this book:(

 Overall, I give this book a 3.5/5 stars! The story was really touching and moving and I really felt the emotions that Jasmine went through during this hard time. While the romance and the dialogue wasn't the best, I still thoroughly enjoyed it!


1. The romance
          I really don't mean to be harsh, but the book itself might have been better without the romance at all! It was cheesy and I really didn't like Royce that much to be honest:( He seemed like wayyyyy to perfect to be true. Yeah, in the duration of this book it is hinted that he wasn't really book smart but like, other than that...he had like, no flaws. Also, Jasmine and Royce falling in love all of a sudden was really unrealistic.

2. The story
The story was what really made me push through this book. I love how Melissa wrote about illegal immigrants because especially nowadays there has been a lot of speculation about this topic. Before reading this book I am ashamed to say that I was sort of against illegal immigrants. But this book made me realize how selfish that was because I didn't see things from the illegal immigrants' perspective. Now, I see things at a broader perspective and I am hoping that more people read this and make the realizations that I Have made.

3. Character Relationships???
This book felt a little rushed for me at a lot of parts. Royce's brother obviously has a lot of problems but it all centers down to not getting enough attention from his father. Mason is sort of (?) redeemed at the end but it would've been nice to see how he acts after his redemption. Also, Royce is interning for his father to help out Jasmine and he talked about facing his insecurities and working as a journalist instead of a politician but that hasn't really happened either.

I felt that the ending of the book was really rushed and I think that if the book was just a few chapters longer, it would've been really better:)

Well, those were my thoughts on this book! Thank you for reading my review and I hope you guys enjoyed it:)