The Raven Boys by Maggie Stievater Review

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stievater is a great fantasy blended with mystery novel! If you want to check out what this book is about, click here: Raven Boys Amazon

I'm really bad at summaries so I just linked it to amazon, haha:) 

This book was a fantastic read and it took me in to the world of the raven boys in an instant! I wasn't a huge fan of Maggie's previous series, Shiver. I didn't like it to the point where I didn't even finish it! But I was very surprised with this book! I can really see Stievater's improvement as an author. 

The story itself was very unique and the each and everyone of the characters had their own unique personalities to them which I thoroughly enjoyed! The character dynamics of the story was great and of course, I loved the wit and the charm that the characters had!  Overall, I rate this book a 4.5/5 stars! You guys should definitely pick this book up because this book is definitely worth the hype! 


The characters of this book was pretty fantastic. I loved reading about Blue and her psychic mom and her mom's friends. The "Blue kisses true love then he dies" prophecy really intrigued me and it was really interesting to see Blue's internal struggle because of this fact. 

I Loved all of the Raven Boys! I feel as if I know a lot about Gansey and Adam, but I didn't get to see much of Ronan (Apparently he plays a big role in the second book so I'm excited!) and Noah! I was so surprised to find out that he was a ghost and my heart hurt so much for him as the story progressed and we got to see how he was murdered:(

The ships for this book are really funky for me in this book! I feel like Blue WANTS to like Adam, but she secretly likes Gansey. Gansey definitely has feelings for her but nothing happened yet...I still want Blue to end up with Gansey though and I'm like almost positive she will just by the sense of it...But who knows? Haha. 

I liked Maura in the beginning but I don't know what to think about her anymore. Persephone is definitely my favorite out of the psychics and at this point, I have no idea what to think about Neeve! I really don't know if she is good or bad yet. 

The whole concept with the ley lines was super cool and the whole history with the welsh kings was very interesting to read about as well! I'm really excited to see the power the ley lines have and the truth about Glendower!  

This book definitely lives up to the hype that it has surrounding it! I was a bit skeptic going in to this book just because I didn't like Maggie's writing style in Shiver but this book just totally blew my expectations out of the water! I am so excited to continue with this series and to see where it goes! I highly recommend this book!

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