Happy Thanksgiving! / End of the Year Recap!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! I hope ya'll are doing well:) I know it's not the end of the year yet but I decided to post a Thanks To post and that seemed to go along with the end of the year recap post which I usually do in December.

So, this year I would like to give a thanks to: My family and my friends for always standing by me and supporting me. All my blog and social media followers for allowing me to express my love for books with them!

This year has been one of the most adventurous years of my life! I've been able to try a lot of new things and I feel like this year has been really productive!

I started this blog this year along with my instagram. (I had an old blog and an instagram but I started new ones this year). I also met a LOT of authors this year including a few of my favorite authors such as Cassandra Clare, Marie Lu, Victoria Aveyard and Ransom Riggs! (If you want to read about my experiences while meeting them, check my Met the Author page:)

I tried Cross Country which started as a pain in the butt but I ended up loving running and now I can't live a day without it, haha. Joining the speech and debate team has also been really new this year and I ended up getting a trophy in Parliamentary debate (If there are any debaters out there who know what this is, holler!) with my partner and that was also great!

This year I went to my first book festival at USC (LA Times Book Festival) and I met a lot of authors there so I am really thankful for that as well:)

It really amazes me how fast the year has gone by! This year I finally met friends that I feel truly connected to and my passion for books grew and grew as the year went along! There were definitely ups and downs this year but 2016 has definitely been a good year for me:)

Thank you guys for reading my blog for the past year and tell me some defining moments you guys have had this year so far!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

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