Happily Ever After by Kiera Cass Review

Happily Ever After by Kiera Cass is a companion to the Selection series and contains all the novellas for the Selection Series as well as some other extra series that follow after the events of The One! I am personally not a huge fan of novellas. I like them, but I don't go out of my way to buy them...but when I saw this book in my library I just grabbed it and read it because I heard a lot of good things about this one and I was considering buying it! 

If you like The Selection series, then this is a must read for you! I'm not the most avid Selection fan, but I thoroughly enjoyed this anthology! 

I will review each novella individually and tell you what I think about each and every one of them:) None of these reviews will contain spoilers so you don't have to worry.

1. The Queen.
I really enjoyed this novella! While reading the series, I was always curious of Amberly's background because I knew she was a four and she still got chosen! Her personality was very different from what I expected it to be!The King, Clarkson's personality was also kind of confusing for me. He seemed like a very troubled character that strives for power but he wasn't necessarily bad either. I wish Cass made his personality and intentions more clear. That would've connected the story better. I rate this novella a 4/5 stars.

2. The Prince
I also enjoyed this novella a lot! It was cool to see Maxon's life a little before the Selection and his internal struggles during the selection! This novella went in to the selection and we got to see some moments of him and America together in his POV which was freaking fantastic because I do love me some Maxon and America:) I rate this novella a 4.5/5 stars! 

3. The Guard
Okay, I'm just going to say it: I was never a huge fan of Aspen during the selection series just because I felt that he was in the way of Maxon and America's perfect love...he is still not my favorite character nor will he ever be, but reading this book sort of calmed my nerves about him and I was happy to see him find someone new and have a good life. I rate this novella 4/5 stars:)

4. The Favorite
Now this was my favorite novella of all! While reading The Selection Series, Marless was one of my favorite characters and I always wanted to know more about her and Carter's relationship! The love that Marlee and Carter have is so perfect and i loved it! I liked eeing the canning through their POV and overall this was just a great novella that sparked my interest! I rate this novella 5/5 stars!

5. Scenes from Celeste
I grew to like Celeste during the duration of the three novels of The Selection. (But then that incident happened...sigh) The scenes from her POV allowed me to see things from her troubled self and I now know that she was a troubled character and mislead character. I rate this novella a 3.5/5 just because nothing from this novella really jumped out to me nor was it super interesting. But it was still a nice read:) 

6. The Maid
This story has the sotry of Lucy and Aspen and how Aspen moved on from America to find his true love. I was happy to Aspen move on because he was a good person and I really liked Lucy's character as well! They were really good for each other and I am really happy they  found each other! I'm talking about them as if they are real people but oh, whatever, haha. I rate this story a 4/5 stars! 

7. After The One
Cuteness Overload! I loved seeing Maxon and America happy together! They were so meant for each other and I was so happy for them! I liked seeing all the characters come together and celebrate! It was really bittersweet and when I read this novella it finally settled in that this series was over and I had to let go:( I've read the Heir and the Crown but I felt like this novella was a better ending to the series than The Crown. I rate this novella a 5/5 stars! 

8. Where are They Now? 
This novellla(?) was just a short summary of what some of the other contenders of The Selection who didn't get chosen were doing with their life! I honestly didn't remember any of them because I read this series a little over two years ago but it was still interesting to read. I rate this novella a 3/5 stars. 

Well that's it! This was a satisfying conclusion to The Selection series and I will cherish these stories for a long time:) Have you guys read this series? Tell me what you think about it!

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