The Moth and The Flame by Renee Ahdieh Review

The Moth and the Flame is a short Novella based on the world of The Wrath and The Dawn by Renee Ahdieh! You guys should definitely check The Rose and the Dagger out! It is absolutely amazing! It is a dualogy and I have a review of the second book of the series, The Rose and the Dagger if you want to check it out! Click here: The Rose and the Dagger Review 

There will be some minor spoilers in this review:)

This novella is about Despina and Captain Al-Khoury, or Jalal. These characters appeared in the series and I honestly didn't know that much about them so this novella really helped me get to know the characters better!

I LOVED Despina in this book! I honestly didn't really like or hate her in the series, even after the second book happened and even after the role she played. I just didn't care that much about her in general but this book introduced me to her clever mindset and her family values! She is portrayed as very keen and sly in the series but in this novella I got to see a whole new side of her and I really enjoyed that!

Jalal was another character I got to thoroughly enjoy! He was funny, quirky and a bit of a woman seeking man...okay, a VERY woman seeing man, but I liked how he was charmed by Despina's cleverness and wit. I liked him in the series and I grew to like him even more in this novella!

So...the ending of this novella kind of caught me off guard. Okay, Renee Ahdieh is a fantastic writer. She knows how to set up her storylines, plots and she sure as hell writes a phenomenal ending. But this book...well.

The ending was a bit rushed for me. I could see that Renee was trying to connect this novella so that it would kind of be the story right before the events of the first book. The Wrath and the Dawn happened. But I feel like there was a bit more story to Jalal and Despina than a mere four chapters! It might just be an avid reader fan talking but I seriously wanted more!

I was already aware of what would happen to Despina by the end of this novella(no, she doesn't die) because it was already revealed in the second book so it was no biggie surprise for me but did it take me off guard just a bit? Yes!

Overall, I think this novella is a beautiful and worthy addition to the amazing series The Wrath and the Dawn! It took me like less than thirty minutes to finish this novella so if you read this series (if you haven't, do so now!) go pick it up! Trust me you're not wasting your time! And it's only $1.99 so BARGAIN!!!

Thank you guys for reading my review! I hope you guys enjoyed it!

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