Alice in ZombieLand by Gena Showalter Book Review

Alice in Zombieland is about a girl, Alice, who always thought her father was crazy. Her father was always paranoid about leaving the house at night and was always very careful. His reason was: Zombies. But onw day, when a swarm of Zombies attack her family, Alice must learn how to fight the zombies and end them once and for all.

Okay, so I really didn't expect that much from this book. I mean, I was just guessing that it would be a fun, easy read that I would enjoy but not immensely. Well, BOY WAS I WRONG!

I really loved this book! I loved the plotline, story, the characters and Gena Showalter's writing style! I loved that even though Alice has been through so much, she isn't a whiny character that relies on the male character for help. She learns how to fight the zombies and is total kick ass by the end of this book! The relationships were great and the even though the synopsis of the book is very dark, Gena mixed in great humor in her writing that brightened up the story!

I give this book a solid 4.5/5 stars! There were no boring parts in the book and I will definitely be continuing this series! If you love zombies like I do, you should definitely pick this one up! Even if you don't, read it for the storyline! Trust me, this one is a keeper.


1. SO...FAMILY DIES AND WE FIND OUT ABOUT THE ZOMBIES. Okay, so to be honest, in the beginning of the book when Alice's father was all paranoid and nobody believed him, it was kind of obvious that he was speaking the truth. I mean, come on, look at the title! I KNEW something bad was going to happen when the family went to Emma's recital on Alice's birthday!

2.COLE, KAT AND THE GANG. I think my favorite character in the book was Kat. She was full of spunk and wit and was such a great friend to Alice! When I found out about her illness, I felt SO FREAKING SAD! She is such a great sidekick and I absolutely shipped her with Frosty the whole time! In the beginning of the book, I really didn't like Frosty that much. But as the story progressed and as I learned more about him and his reasons, I grew to love him! Now, Cole. I liked him. Did I love him? Not really.

Love relationship wise, I think the romance between Alice and Cole sped up a bit too fast. Yes, they felt mutual attraction in the beginning but I just thought that they liked each other way too much starting from the beginning. There was no slow burn romance that I liked to see in books. I guess because they saw visions through each other, they kind of knew what was going to happen between hem and that kind of allowed their relationship to progress faster. I have so many questions about the visions? HOW DO THEY WORK?

3. ZOMBIE SLAYING RULES. So, apparently in this book, you can't just outright kill zombies! There were so many rules on how to kill zombies, leaving boy forms in to spirits and all that stuff! I had to say it was kind of confusing a tad bit in the beginning but after a few chapters I totally got the hang of it and thought it was really cool!

4. EMMA AND ZOMBIE DAD? To be honest, I liked Emma but I didn't really feel that much about her death just because I didn't know her that well. But, now, she is a freaking GHOST! Or angel. Or whatever. I know Gena was trying to keep the suspense up and everything, but if ghost Emma told Alice that their dad turned in to zombie earlier, she could have prevented so much crap from happening! Oh, and Alice's dad being a zombie. I honestly saw it coming ever since Cole suggested it to Alice.

5.THE JOURNAL AND DR.WRIGHT. Oh, the mystery! Who wrote the journal? How can Alice crack the code and read the journal when nobody else can? I also totally didn't see Dr.Wright betraying the team like that! Even though she was cranky and strict, I really trusted her so her betrayal hit me harder than the fact that Alice's father was a zombie.

So, these are my initial thoughts of Alice in Zombie Land! What are your thoughts of the book? I highly enjoyed it and I will definitely be continuing this series soon! Thank you guys for reading my review!!!

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