Torn by Jennifer L. Armentrout Review

   Torn by Jennifer L. Armentrout is the sequel to WICKED which came out last year. If you haven't checked out Wicked yet, you can do so by clicking here-Wicked 

For those of you who haven't read Wicked or Torn yet, you MUST DO SO NOW!!! This series is fantastic and action packed! To be honest, I was kind of iffy about starting this series just because I'm not a huge fan of the covers...I mean, come on... but don't let that bother you! Two years ago, I decided to pick up Wicked, ignoring the cover and I am so glad that I did because this series is just FREAKING KICK ASS! I know the covers make it look like some sappy romance story but trust me it isn't. It's about kick ass humans who kick some Fae butt and OML I LOVE IT!

I rate Wicked and Torn both 5/5 stars! I read both of them in one day and I would read them all over again!

Now, for the spoiler review!

Okay, so the book pretty much started where it left off.

Ivy is the Halfling which is super inconvenient since Ren is in New Orleans just to kill the Halfling.

1. Ivy being the Halfling was honestly so unexpected and surprising for me. I just totally didn't see that coming! I know we were introduced to this in the ending of the first book but like ivy, I needed time to soak in this information as well.

2. Things aren't looking so bright for Ivy now because the freaking Prince of faeries of whatever wants to impregnate her and make an "apocalypse baby" with her so he can open the gates that could destroy mankind. The prince freaking scared the LIVING HELL OUT OF ME!!! I mean, he could track Ivy wherever she went and he seriously just popped out of nowhere and acted like a total perverted creep! NOT COOL.

3. REN. HOLY SMOKES REN. I love the relationship that Ren and Ivy had. Yes, it was sexy and blah blah blah but beyond that. They cared so much for each other and I could really see that Ivy loved him. Like loved him more than she loved herself when she made a deal with the prince just for him. THE FEELS! And of course, you can't really go wrong with Ren;)

4. I freaking loved Tink in this book! I loved Tink in the first book as well but in this book I could really see his character development! I was so surprised when I found out he could turn himself in to a full grown man! And the fact that Ivy thought he was hot just cracked me up! Oh, Tink... I also really liked how even when tin and Ren bantered throughout the whole book, they still somewhat formed a brotherly connection and Tink helped Ren at the end and vice versa! #BROMANCE

5. Okay, so when The prince captured Ren after Ivy told Ren that she was the Halfling AND that she loved him, he turned himself to look EXACTLY LIKE REN!!! OMG the Prince even got me fooled because I truly believed it was Ren! I mean, I guess I was a bit suspicious but after a few pages I was fooled. The moment Ivy found out and the moment I found out...the prince scared the hell out of me.

6. Ivy being captured with the Prince was so messed up! She made a deal with the prince that broke my heart and it was so painful to see her suffering and sacrificing herself for Ren while questioning his loyalty to her at time to time because she was a Halfling! Oh, and also that freaking B**** Breena was messing with Ivy's head! DIE BREENA. DIE!

7. So, apparently in this book we find out that not all fae are messed up and crazy! They are the "nice fae" and we get introduced to this idea at the beginning of the book and it really played out well when Feya was helping Ivy Escape!

8. THE IVY AND REN REUNION!!! It was so heartbreaking and sweet and they are seriously like one of my strongest OTPs ever!!! I loved how Ren was so supportive of her and accepted who Ivy was because he loved her! I also loved how they finally both confessed to loving each other at the end of the book because it was very clear that they both loved each other from the very beginning of this book and that they've been wanting to say it to each other for a long time!

I think that summarizes my general feelings about this book! Of course there is still much more to say but that would take up WAYY too much space and hurt my hands and keyboard:) haha. Once again, I rate this book a solid 5/5 stars! Jennifer L. Armentrout never disappoints! Go read Wicked and Torn now!

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