Met the Author: Marie Lu, Renee Ahdieh, Alwyn Hamilton and Romina Russell

Hi guys! So yesterday, I got to meet the fantastic authors: Marie Lu, author of the Legend series and the Young Elites, Renee Ahdieh, the author of The Wrath and the Dawn series, Alwyn Hamilton, the author of the Rebel of the sands and Romina Russell the author of Zodiac!

So, this event was very conveniently located at my local bookstore which is only like five minutes away from where I live! So of course I had to go! I really liked independent bookstore events more than Barnes and Noble Events just because you can have a more personal interaction with the authors and there aren't as many people at the event. Yesterday there was only like thirty to forty people and a few months ago when I met Marie Lu at the LA Times there were over three hundred!

You get my point.

I met Marie Lu once like I've said but I could only get one book signed by her so I BROUGHT ALL OF MY BOOKS from her and from the other authors as well!

The book event was so fun and the authors were just so cool and chill! I absolutely loved each and every one of them because they answered everybody's questions with thought and sincerity. It was also super fun because we of course talked about Harry Potter and our book boyfriends and all that girlie jazz:)

AND NOW! It was time for the signing! As soon as the discussion was over, I rushed out to the signing line and luckily I was the tenth person in line! Woo hoo! I call that SUCESS!

All of the authors were so nice and they signed all of my books which was AMAZING! Since I had a lot. This is also another reason why I like independent bookstore events more because at big events hosted at Barnes and Noble, they only let you bring one or two books. Three if many. But at events like these, you can bring as many books as you'd like they will sign it all for you!

All of them were so nice and they were like ARE YOU NAMED AFTER AUDREY HEPBURN? and I'm just like "uh...sure" and we all laughed:) haha. They were just so fun and nice and while I had only read Marie Lu and Renee Ahdieh's books, I have heard a lot of great things about Zodiac and The Rebel of the Sands so I was equally excited to meet them as well! They also had a lot of swag so Yay!!!

This event is an event that I will remember and love because it was just so great! I loved meeting all the authors and it was just a great experience! I also got an extra copy signed by Renee Ahdieh so a giveaway should be coming up soon;)

Thank you guys for reading my Met the Author Post!

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