How to read more when you are busy and struggling to sleep

Is this you these days? Because...well, that's me these days. I know Summer is the ultimate time to get your reading glasses on and cozy up in bed but that hasn't happened so far for me. Not because I
'm in a reading slump, but because I'VE BEEN SO BUSY. Like no joke. I'm so tired and busy these days the first thing I think about when I get home is SLEEP!

So I read like two books these summer which is really bad for me because I usually finish like at least 2-4 books a week. THIS IS BAD. So, I've decided to manage my time and it really helped! Here are some tips to as what you should read during busy hours, How to deal with a busy schedule and how not to get a reading slump from all this.

1. CHOOSE A FUN EASY READ: So during the summer, as a huge fantasy fan, I picked up a lot of fantasy and dystopian but I had to put them down. Not because they were bad but because since I had so little reading time, I kept forgetting what the story was about after a few days. So, PICK UP SOME CONTEMPORARY! This helped me a lot, believe it or not and I've been reading so much more! Summer is the perfect time for contemporary anyways so it's a win win!

2. DON'T PRESSURE YOURSELF: As a book blogger, I do sometimes have pressure to read faster and get my reviews up quick just so people could quickly read them and also because it helps keep my blog going and keeps my followers intact. However, if you keep stressing yourself over how many pages you read in a day and etc. You won't have any time to read, like at all! (HANGS HEAD IN SHAME)

3.IT'S GOOD TO EXPLORE NEW GENRES AND ALL BUT...:It's good to get out of your reading comfort zone and try new books. Try some indie authors too. But if you really don't have much time to read and the reading slump is taking over, then you need to step back down and get back in your reading comfort zone. Trust me, books and genres that don't interest you will tend to make your reading longer and if you read books you like more, then you'll probably get through them quicker.

4.CUT DOWN ON NETFLIX:I know turning as page in a book is kind of hard work and all you want to do is watch some TV, you need to STOP AND THINK. Because as soon as you press that button on your tablet for Netflix, bye bye three hours of reading.

Those are my tips for my busy bookworms this summer! I hope you enjoyed this and I hope this was helpful to you all! Read on!

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