My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows Book Review

My Lady Jane is a fantastic, hilarious and marvelous historical fiction novel of the Lady Jane Grey. This book has a mix of magic and fantasy with a hint of history and lots of comedy that makes you want more at every turn!

So, basically in this world, there are two "species" shall I call it. Humans or the Verities, and the Eodians. Eodians have the ability to shift in to animals but the Verities feel very threatened by this so the two enemies and at the brink of war despite living in England together.

The King of England, Edward is very ill so he signs of his cousin, Jane to be his next successor and marries her off to her intended who is not as he seems...

This book has EVERYTHING I ask for in a book! Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Humor, romance and so much more! This book literally made me laugh my face off! The story writing was done beautifully and it was fast paced and hilarious. The narrators also put in a lot of side notes throughout the story which I really loved. Overall, I JUST FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK!

I rate this book a 5/5 stars! A must read and one of the best reads I have read so far in the year! Now, I will go in to the spoiler section of my review so if you haven't read this book yet, come back after you have! Trust me, you won't regret it!


1. So, first I really liked the concept of Eodians and Verities! It set a fantasy theme to the book which I loved! I really liked how Jane and Edward both turned out to be Eodian! I mean, I sort of expected Jane to be Eodian since she had a obsession with them from the very beginning. But EDWARD!? Holy Cow that was so unexpected!...And I loved it! It definitely made things more interesting. 

2. Oh, how I do love Gifford. He was so sarcastic and humor filled despite being a horse for most of the day! He was described as a "womanizer" in the most part of the book and Jane was kind of worried about his faithfulness and I just wanted to shout "HE'S A DAMN POET SO JUST GO AND KISS HIM FOR PETE'S SAKE" But of course that took forever...(sigh)

3. Let's talk about the whole plot! So, Edward's sister, Mary, is plotting against him to take over his crown as the ruler of England. That was very interesting to me because while I did not study much of that Era, I did know that Females did not have as much power as did the males and it was very clearly stated in the book as well. Mary was a very strict follower of the rules. She hated Eodians but she ignored her gender and tried to rule. To me, that was a very interesting concept.

4.EDWARD AND GRACIE! Oh my gosh and can't stop gushing over them! They were so cute and I just loved the chemistry between them! Edward definitely needed a straight headed, independent female in his life and Gracie was definitely the one for him! I also really liked that from looking up to Gracie, Edward changed his thinking of females and by the end of this book he respected females just as much as he did males and it was such a great thing to see!

5. EODIAN MAGIC. CURSE OR GIFT? So tis book was very hilarious not just because of the writing but also because of the Eodian change! I found it so hilarious that they ended up naked after they change! It always cracked me up! I thought that it was a curse at first and as the characters learned to control their changes, the story got more and more interesting!

6.THE WRITING IS GLORIOUS AND PERFECTION! I state again, the writing is perfect! It is so funny and I loved how the authors often added a () and described the settings and some alterations that they made. Definitely a good compare and contrast:)

I loved this book so much and I would totally read it all over again! Did you read this book? How did you like it? What animal would you change to if you were an eodian?

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