My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows Book Review

My Lady Jane is a fantastic, hilarious and marvelous historical fiction novel of the Lady Jane Grey. This book has a mix of magic and fantasy with a hint of history and lots of comedy that makes you want more at every turn!

So, basically in this world, there are two "species" shall I call it. Humans or the Verities, and the Eodians. Eodians have the ability to shift in to animals but the Verities feel very threatened by this so the two enemies and at the brink of war despite living in England together.

The King of England, Edward is very ill so he signs of his cousin, Jane to be his next successor and marries her off to her intended who is not as he seems...

This book has EVERYTHING I ask for in a book! Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Humor, romance and so much more! This book literally made me laugh my face off! The story writing was done beautifully and it was fast paced and hilarious. The narrators also put in a lot of side notes throughout the story which I really loved. Overall, I JUST FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK!

I rate this book a 5/5 stars! A must read and one of the best reads I have read so far in the year! Now, I will go in to the spoiler section of my review so if you haven't read this book yet, come back after you have! Trust me, you won't regret it!


1. So, first I really liked the concept of Eodians and Verities! It set a fantasy theme to the book which I loved! I really liked how Jane and Edward both turned out to be Eodian! I mean, I sort of expected Jane to be Eodian since she had a obsession with them from the very beginning. But EDWARD!? Holy Cow that was so unexpected!...And I loved it! It definitely made things more interesting. 

2. Oh, how I do love Gifford. He was so sarcastic and humor filled despite being a horse for most of the day! He was described as a "womanizer" in the most part of the book and Jane was kind of worried about his faithfulness and I just wanted to shout "HE'S A DAMN POET SO JUST GO AND KISS HIM FOR PETE'S SAKE" But of course that took forever...(sigh)

3. Let's talk about the whole plot! So, Edward's sister, Mary, is plotting against him to take over his crown as the ruler of England. That was very interesting to me because while I did not study much of that Era, I did know that Females did not have as much power as did the males and it was very clearly stated in the book as well. Mary was a very strict follower of the rules. She hated Eodians but she ignored her gender and tried to rule. To me, that was a very interesting concept.

4.EDWARD AND GRACIE! Oh my gosh and can't stop gushing over them! They were so cute and I just loved the chemistry between them! Edward definitely needed a straight headed, independent female in his life and Gracie was definitely the one for him! I also really liked that from looking up to Gracie, Edward changed his thinking of females and by the end of this book he respected females just as much as he did males and it was such a great thing to see!

5. EODIAN MAGIC. CURSE OR GIFT? So tis book was very hilarious not just because of the writing but also because of the Eodian change! I found it so hilarious that they ended up naked after they change! It always cracked me up! I thought that it was a curse at first and as the characters learned to control their changes, the story got more and more interesting!

6.THE WRITING IS GLORIOUS AND PERFECTION! I state again, the writing is perfect! It is so funny and I loved how the authors often added a () and described the settings and some alterations that they made. Definitely a good compare and contrast:)

I loved this book so much and I would totally read it all over again! Did you read this book? How did you like it? What animal would you change to if you were an eodian?

Author Interview with Rhiannon Thomas!

Today I got to interview the lovely Rhiannon Thomas about her book A Wicked Thing, a retelling of sleeping beauty! If you want to read my review on the book, just click here: A Wicked Thing Review

With no further due, let's get started!

 1. What inspired you to write A Wicked Thing? Is the Sleeping Beauty your favorite fairytale?

    My favorite fairy tale is actually The Little Mermaid, although Sleeping Beauty has gotten a lot closer to my heart since I started A Wicked Thing.
The idea originally came from thinking about this idea of “fated love” — of just being told someone is your True Love and going along with it. What if you didn’t actually like this random stranger you’re supposed to be in love with? Even if you did fall for them, wouldn’t there be a certain awkwardness, knowing everyone expects you to be in love forever and ever? That led me to think about all the ways that Sleeping Beauty’s “happily ever after” isn’t so happy or so “ever after” after all. Once I started thinking through the consequences of sleeping through a hundred years and being woken with a stranger’s kiss, I knew this was a book I needed to write.

 2.  Could you tell us a little bit about your writing experience? How long did it take? What were some hardships that you faced while writing this novel? How did you get published?

    I was actually really lucky with my actual publishing experience. I started writing seriously after I graduated from college and found I had no idea what I was doing with my life, and within a year and a half I had an agent and a book deal for A Wicked Thing with HarperTeen. I got very lucky, and things fell just right.
My biggest hardship with writing has always been my own anxiety and self-doubt. I’ve always been a perfectionist, and when the doubting voices start chiming in my head, I can find it difficult to write anything at all. I naively thought that would end after I got a publishing deal, but if anything, the extra scrutiny has made those worries ring even louder. It’s definitely been a process of learning not to overthink things, and to trust myself and trust in whatever is going to happen next.

 3. Do you like to torture your characters in your books?
       Haha, no! No, I don’t! It makes me feel guilty. But I will torture them, if I think it’s necessary. After all, if everything goes well for the characters, you don’t really have a story.

  4. If you were to write another retelling, what fairytale would you choose?

    I’d probably pick Cinderella. I won’t write a Cinderella book anytime soon, because there are already a million great Cinderella retellings out there right now, but I do have an idea for one, and who knows? Maybe I’ll give it a spin one of these days.

  5. If Aurora, Rodric and Tristan were to be sorted in to Harry Potter houses, which houses would they be in and why?

   I think Rodric would be a Hufflepuff — he’s loyal, kind and a good friend, and I think the people around him under-appreciate him. Tristan is probably a Gryffindor. He’s brave, but he’s kind of reckless and selfish with it. Aurora’s the hardest one… I think Ravenclaw, because she’s quite introverted and thoughtful and studious, but you could also say Slytherin. She can be very self interested, and she has a little bit of an obsession with power as the story goes on….

  6. What is your favorite fairytale movie?

   I am completely OBSESSED with the live action version of Cinderella with Lily James. OBSESSED. Tangled is my favorite animated movie, but the live-action Cinderella hits me right in the heart.

  7. What is a YA book that you would recommend to anybody?

  I recently fell in love with I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson. The writing is absolutely magical.

  8. Let's play some Kiss, Marry or Kill! Your choices are Finnegan, Rodric and Tristan!

   Ooh this is a tough one. I’d kill Tristan, kiss Finnegan, and marry Rodric. He seems like the most reliable one.

  9. Was there a character in the books that you connected to the most? How so?

    Probably Aurora. It’s hard not to connect with your protagonist when you write from their perspective for so long. Plus I think I gave her a lot of my own neuroses. She definitely has a perfectionist streak that she shares with me, and a certain self-consciousness about how others view her that makes it difficult for her to actually act at times.

10. Are there any future projects that you are working on that we could look forward to?
Yes! My next book, Long May She Reign, comes out next year. It’s a new fantasy story about a socially anxious scientist girl called Freya, who ends up as queen when the rest of the court is murdered. She has to figure out how to stay alive and hold onto power, while trying to solve the mystery of who killed everyone, and why.

  11. Lastly, what advice would you give to aspiring writers?

  Write through the suck. Don’t be afraid to screw up, and don’t forget to keep going when you do. Writing is editing, and if you focus on just being a little better than you were before, you’ll get there in the end. 

Once again, thank you Rhiannon for letting me interview you! Guys, pick up A Wicked Thing now!!!

Book Recommendation Tuesday!!!

Hi guys! So, I decided to add a new segment on my blog called Book Recommendation Tuesday! The idea is simple enough; I will be recommending you guys a new book each Tuesday that I really enjoyed and liked!!!

So the first book I will be recommending you guys for Book Recommendation Tuesday is:

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige!!!

So, this book is about a girl called Amy and she isn't living a really good life. Her mom is an alcoholic, she isn't exactly Miss Popular at school and well, Kansas is boring as hell. But one day, a tornado erupts and Amy is flown back to a world she's never known before...Oz. And guess what? Dorothy is evil and it's Amy's job to make the her burn.

Sounds interesting right?

This book is such a fast paced, action packed read with a great romance and protagonist and I loved every word of every page on it!


Reasons to read this book: It's freaking fantastic with dynamic characters and talking monkeys and crazy witches who are actually good and the princesses are evil and there is magic and who doesn't love that? (Nailed the run on sentence:)

Well, that was it for my Book recommendation Tuesday! But seriously guys, check out this book, it's amazing and it gets better and better as it goes! Three books are out now, plus two novella collections and there is one more last and final book in the series coming out next year so get your self prepared! Now it is the perfect time to binge read this series!!!


How to get over book hangovers...with more books: Part 2

So, I got really positive comments about my post How to get over Book Hangovers...with More Books Part1! So, as promised, I decided to show you guys another list of books that will get you over your hangover in no time!


If you want to check out my How to get over a Book Hangover Part 1, Just click here:Book Hangover Part 1

Let's get started!!!


Ha, I got you! Aliens ARE hot in YA! Don't worry, I got the perfect Sci-Fi books with the swooniest aliens that will sweep you off your feet! If you need a hot alien boyfriend, Like I often do, I totally recommend:
                     Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout (One of my absolute fave books out there! Don't let the cover ruin it for you!), Alienated by Melissa Landers and Across the Universe by Beth Revis!

 These books will get you over your book hangover in no time and get you a sweet sexy aliens while doing so!!!


You want to kick some butt and be a part of group of individuals with special abilities or cool stuff? These books are just for you! I highly recommend all of them! The Books are:
                             The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, Enclave by Ann Aguirre (ZOMBIES!!!), Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs


I got you girlie. I got you! I love my angel books and I got some that will just make you swoon from head to toe! They also have some kick ass action with strong female heroines as well! The books are:
Angelfall by Susan Ee  (This book is a MUST read like OMG amazing!!!), Immortal Coty by Scott Speer and Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins.
     Fairytale retellings are one of my favorite genres to read out there and I just love them so much!!! I have so many that I've read and really enjoyed so I'll try to narrow it down to 3. They are:
                   Cinder by Marissa Meyer, A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas,  and The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh!

So that was all for today! How did you like it? Did you find out more books to read? Do you have any book hangover ideas you would like me to solve? Please let me know!



Author Interview with Michelle Krys!

I was lucky enough to interview the lovely Michelle Krys, the author of Hexed and the upcoming novel The Dead Girl Society coming out on November 8th of this year! Thank you for letting me interview you!

1. You wrote the amazing Hexed series about witches and magic! What can we expect from Dead Girl Society? What is it about?

A: Dead Girls Society is a dark, actioney mystery thriller about a girl named Hope who gets an anonymous invitation to join a high stakes dare club, but soon the promise of a prize is relaced by the fight to stay alive. Think The Skulls meets Pretty Little Liars!

  2. Could you explain to us your writing process? On average, how long does it take for you to write a book?

A: It's taken me anywhere from four months to a year and a half to write a book. It just seems to get longer and longer! I think a bit part of this is because the more books I write the more commitments I have to my previous books.

  3. Which book did you like writing better? Hexed or Dead Girl Society? Which book do you personally like a bit more? (You have to choose!!!)

  A: Hexed was easier to write because I wasn't in the publishing business yet so it was mostly a stress free experience. Once I had a book deal I had to start thinking about fans of Hexed, what my agent would think, how my editor would receive the work, etc. and that definitely added an element of pressure. Having said that, Dead Girl Society is probably my favorite because I've grown so much with each book and I feel it's my most accomplished novel.

  4. How did you first get published?

A: I did it the good old fashioned way: via the slush pile. After I finished writing Hexed (Which at the time was called The Witch Hunter's Bible and was my second novel), I sent out a one page query letter to oh, a hundred and ten, a hundred and twenty agents? Some nibbled, a lot didn't, a few offered representation. The agent I went with (Adriann Ranta! God love her), then subbed my book to a handful of publishing houses. A month later, Wendy Loggia at Delacorte/Random House Children's Books came in with a offer and I've been working with her ever since!

  5. If you could be a witch, what sort of power would you like to have?

 A: Hmm. Probably flying. Or moving objects with my mind. (Basically I'm lazy)

  6. You have to do a book signing and you can do it ANYWHERE you want! Well, perhaps not Mars. Where would you do?

A: Do they have bookstores in Bora Bora?

  7.Your favorite book to movie adaptation?

A: That's easy-Stardust by Neil Gaiman. It's one of my favorite movies. (Although I really enjoyed Divergent too)
  8. If you could recommend one YA book to everybody, what book would it be?

A: Oooh, that's a hard one! Maybe Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins? I don't know anybody who doesn't love that book.

  9. Will there be a third book in the Hexed Series? (PLEASE SAY YES!)

A: There are no plans at the moment. (Sorry!!!) But should there ever be a demand I do have the whole thing outlined!

10. What is one piece of advice you would give to aspiring writers?

A: Don't give up! There is a lot of rejection in this business, so don't let one person's "no" (Or a hundred people's "no" in my case) be what makes you give up on your dreams.

Thank you once again Michelle for letting me interview you! Guys, make sure to check out Hexed and her upcoming novel Dead Girl Society!

A Wicked Thing by Rhiannon Thomas Review

  A Wicked Thing is a retelling of sleeping beauty and it is about a girl called Aurora, pricking her finger and waking up a hundred years later! She wakes up being betrothed to a stranger she barely knows and finds out a magical power she has no idea how to control...

My expectations for this book wasn't super high, (Just because of the reviews on goodreads, amazon etc)
I thought this was a fun quick read but I have I read better? Yes.

Would I recommend this to anybody who is looking for a good retelling? No.

Would I recommend it to anybody looking for a quick short fun story? Yes!

I rate this book a 3.5 stars! I am now going to go in to the spoiler section of my review so if you haven't read this book, don't read from here!


Okay, so I'm in to books being fast paced and everything, but I felt this book was way too fast paced. Everything just happened so fast! The story was very confusing from the beginning because the writing was all over the place and it didn't let the reader absorb the feel to the story.

Please, she runs out on her first night, finds a guy that she barely knows and falls in love with him and kisses him? I think that was a tad bit unrealistic. I mean, come on! I thought Rodric was just plain annoying and Aurora. Was she a strong heroine. Nope, she wasn't that either!

Prince Finnegan was the only one that I supposedly liked. But I'm just going to take a wild guess and say that he is going to end up with Aurora. That is also really unrealistic because Aurora sees him once and she's like "Omg, my heart is fluttering!"

The plot is also bleh. Too...boring. It took me a good week to finish this book! I mean, everything is the same! The story is so thoroughly based off the original that I thought I was reading the actual story with whinier characters!

What I did like though...

I liked that Aurora had powers and everything. It made the story a ta bit interesting and Celestine appearing was also very interesting as well. Celestine seemed almost like a good person with a bad way of showing it which I also found interesting!

I really liked Isabelle too and I was really sad when she died! I really didn't think that the king would've poisioned her! It was also very surprising for me to see Iris care so much for her child. I hated her for most of the time but I kind of felt bad for her at that moment.

The ending was where Aurora finally became smart. She finally decided to run away with the help of Finnegan! I felt a rush of relief but I was so pissed when Aurora gave Celestine a part of her powers! I mean, girl, you really trust a witch that cursed you for a decade?! And I thought I was starting to like you.

Will I continue this series? Probably not anytime soon but maybe if get if for free at the library or something. I don't hate this book I just didn't love it. I liked it and everything though. What were your thoughts on this book? Do you agree with me or disagree?

A Signed A Court of Mist and Fury Giveaway!

Hi guys! So I had this blog for a while and I had a lot of great support on my instagram so I decided to host a giveaway!

So last month Sarah J. Maas had a book signing at The Grove, CA so I got two signed copies from her! Therefore, I decided to giveaway ONE SIGNED COPY OF ACOMAF!

To enter, you'll have to be following my instagram: @thebookmage

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Now, the reason I am writing this post here is to tell you guys how to get some extra entries!

To get some extra entries here are the things you can do! You can do one of these or all three!

1.Follow my blog

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Each is worth one entry:) Good Luck!

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo Spoiler Free Review!

I feel like it's been a while since I've done a spoiler free review so here you go! I just read Six of Crows and Oh My God of all things holy it was fantastic! No, it wasn't just fantastic. It was FREAKING AMAZING. IT WAS THE PERFECTION AND I PRAISE THE PAGES IN THIS BOOK!

With that being said, let's get started!

So, this book takes place in the Grisha World from her Grisha Trilogy, but other than that, the books have no connection at all. This book is told in six POV and I know that sounds like a whole lot but trust me, Leigh makes it work. The writing was intricate and beautiful and I got immersed in this world so quickly I couldn't stop.

I have to say the beginning fifty pages were a bit slow for me and from what I can tell it's been really slow for a lot of people as well. It's like one of those books where you have to get through the first slow bit and it might not make like a whole lot of sense but once you get past that everything starts coming together and trust me, it's beautiful.

What makes this book so interesting is the fact that these characters are not heroes. They aren't people who are destined for a great quest. Their just thieves and criminals trying to survive in the shadows of those who are. I've never read a book about a heist and thieves and this book is definitely getting me in to that stuff haha:)

The romance in this book doesn't disappoint either! I loved how the author explored diversity in this novel such as LGBT and so much more! The love was agonizing and painful at times but god, I ship all the couples in this book so much!

I rate this book a solid 5/5. A definite must read! You will have to read the first Grisha Trilogy novel, Shadow and Bone to understand this novel better, but that's about it. You don't have to read Book 2 and Book 3 to read Six of Crows:) I am now eagerly waiting for Crooked Kingdom coming out this fall! So excited!

Have you read this book yet? Tell me your thoughts!