Yellow Brick War by Danielle Paige

Yellow Brick War is the third installment of the Dorothy must die series! The series is about Amy Glum-the other girl from Kansas-coming to Oz to find out that it’s magic has been corrupted by the one and only, Dorothy. The series evolves around a sassy, quirky female protagonist and I loved this book just as much-if not more-as the previous two books. This book is a must read and the series is a strong YA retelling that I would recommend to everybody.
Just to keep in mind, lots of people get confused that this is the final book in the series but it has been revealed that this book will be a saga, not a trilogy.
So this book pretty much picked up where it started. Oz is chaos and Amy Glum pretty much has to pick up the pieces. Everything is very complicated but I liked how Paige didn’t make it to overwhelming to the reader. I actually milked this book more than the second book because we get lots of humor in this one instead of Amy just stranded in the middle of nowhere.
My favorite part about this book was that Amy went back to the real world! Oh my, that was a bundle of fun and awkwardness and I LOVED it! I loved seeing Amy’s mom trying to change and I really felt for her because Amy had to leave her soon. And it was really fun seeing Madison and Dustin and the other Minor characters from Amy’s past. I feel like those characters will turn out to do something really major in the next book and I’m so excited! Although, during Amy’s trip back to her world, I would’ve liked it if Amy was a little less…bitter. I mean I totally understand where she is coming from and I guess in a way this makes her realistic. But I just thought she was a teeny bit annoying at times. Not too much to be a big of a bother though. (Thankfully)
The whole jazz about the Nome King frustrated me at the same time it intrigued me. Now Amy has two villains she needs to destroy. Amy all in all is a relatively mortal and nice person so it’s hard for her to destroy and kill somebody even though that person is like…evil. I mean, COME ON. At the end, Amy totally had a chance of killing Dorothy but nope. Heroines have to do the right thing. I was like: KILL HER KILL HER. CHOP HER BODY IN TO PIECES AND BURN HER IN TO FLAMES!!!
But of course that didn’t happen. Even though the whole castle(?) crashed down on Dorothy, I got the fishing feeling that she is still alive. (Sighs) Hey, at least we get another book! Next, Let’s talk about the romance. I really like Nox and Amy together. I feel that Nox is good for Am and she for him. But now that Nox is in the witch circle thing with Gert, Mombi and Glamora, things are even more complicated than before. But Nox and Amy do get a lot of kissy romantic scenes so I’m happy:)
This book has been such a joy to read. I rate it a 4.5/5 stars! What do you guys think? Have you guys read the book? What are your thoughts?

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