The Rose and the Dagger by Renee Ahdieh Review


       The Rose and the Dagger is the sequel to the Wrath and the Dawn, a retelling of the classic, a thousand and one nights! This book pretty much picks up where it left off and while the first book was better then it's sequel, I still highly enjoyed this book! It was full of twists and turns, magic, romance and adventure and I found myself eagerly turning the pages!

I rate this book a 4/5 stars. I am so sad to hear that this series will be a dualogy! I went in to this thinking it would be a trilogy:(


So, this books starts off with Sharhzad staying at the desert with Tariq and his "rebellious" group trying to take Khalid down. Of course, this pissed me off because who the hell are they to attack? But then again, I had to be reasonable and see there side of the story for they did not know of Khalid's curse yet. At times when Tariq called Khalid foul names I wished that Sharhzad would tell Tariq the truth about the curse. But, oh well.

Let's talk about Irsa. To be honest, she did not play a big role in this book but I liked her nevertheless. She was a good side kick, sister and I really liked her relationship with Rahim! I thought their relationship was cute and amidst the darkness brewing between the other characters, their relationship brought a bit of light and hope to me and I really liked and appreciated that.


Rahim gets killed! I was crying so hard when that happened! And when Irsa found out? OMG THE EFFING FEALS? RENEE AHDIEH LEGIT WANTS TO KILL ME!

So yeah, that was sad...moving on!

Sharhzad got these powers that she has to control and that added a lot of color to the story. But, I felt that her powers did not get enough spotlight in this story. It was just like, she has powers...Yay! And I was like...That's it? I mean, sure, she used her magic to fly a carpet to go to Khalid but I felt that her powers were so easily forgotten and I would have liked it more if they dwelled on that a bit more.

I loved Khalid and Sharhzad's reunion! While it was a tad bit short, I understood why. They were being hunted and Shazi was at the hands of the enemy. And when they kissed, I was just like FINALLY! YAAS!

Let's talk about Tariq. Boy, do I hate that guy! Like, okay, I get that you're still hung over Shazi but that doesn't give you the excuse to be irrational! And when he tried to shoot Khalid but shot Shazi instead I was just like: HAND HIM OVER TO ME SO I COULD CHOP HIS HEAD OFF BOIL IT IN TO STEW!!!

But thankfully, Shazi healed well and there was also another good outcome! Khalid and Tariq formed some sort of understanding towards each other and while they weren't all puppies and rainbows for each other, they formed some sort of respect for each other and it was seriously stress relieving.

When Khalid destroyed Jahandar's very treasured book to break his curse I was just like Yes! Finally! His curse was broken! Again I did feel that part was a bit rushed and I felt that the author could have dwelled on that a bit more.

God, I hated Jahandar! I never really liked him but when he kidnapped Shazi for HIS own good? God, I wanted him to die! But, I got to like a lot of people due to his kidnapping escapade! Despina and Yasmine!

I never really liked Despina, not even in the first book. I didn't know what to feel about her after I found out that she was pregnant with Jalal's baby. But in the end, I really liked her and I was so happy for her when she finally found love with Jalal. Really, Despina and Jalal's reunion could've been longer. It was like, two really short paragraphs! And Yasmine. In the first book, I really didn't like her because she flirted with Khalid when Shazi and Khalid were married and everything. But she helped Shazi and as soon as I got to learn more about her, I really felt for her.

In the end, when Khalid told Jahandar that he destroyed the book and Jahandar freaking stabbed him I was like NOOOOOO!!! I legit thought that this was going to be a TFIOS situation where he dies! But then Jahandar sees Shazi heartbroken and he decides to undo his wrongs and he sacrifices himself so that Khalid could live again. I was so happy and glad and while I hated Jahandar and I hate him still, I feel that he has rightly fixed his wrongs and I do feel a sort of respect for him.

The epilogue made me so happy because Shazi and Khalid got kids!!! It was so good seeing them together as parents and they were adorable together! I feel they will be really wise in the future with their children!

I did feel that a lot of parts of this book was rushed and it could have well been a trilogy but overall I enjoyed this book very much and I would happily read it all over again from the beginning. It really does pain me to leave these characters and this world  but hopefully I can come back to them soon. I really do wish them the best:)

(Now I just sound like a lunatic talking to book characters as if they were real but oh well! Thank you for reading my review and please tell m your thoughts I would love to know!)

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