Rick Yancey: Met the Author Experience!!!

When I got to meet Rick Yancey, the author of The 5th Wave and a few of the actors from the movie, I WAS LEGIT THE HAPPIEST FANGIRL EVER!!!

The event was hosted at my local independent bookstore, Once upon a Time! (They have absolutely amazing author events!)

So, I went to the signing with my friend and we finally got to meet him! There were a lot of people there and the place was really crowded since it was such a small bookstore:) Rick Yancey was so chill and funny and continuously made jokes that made the whole audience laugh!

Then the signing! I was so nervous to meet him! I mea, what do you say when you meet one of your favorite Sci-Fi authors EVER???

I was really awkward when I met him and I didn't know what to do but he was so nice and I got to take a picture with him!!!
I look really awkward but oh well. I think when I take pictures with authors I look really awkward and not that happy but trust me I was super happy! When the whole thing happened I was just like DID THAT ACTUALLY HAPPEN???
Then I got to meet a few of the cast from the Fifth Wave movie! No, not Chloe Grace Mortez but still, I got to meet some fabulous actors! They were so nice and funny and I was about to faint at that point! Here's a picture:
It was a surreal experience and I will treasure it forever! Hope you enjoyed my post and happy reading!

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