Met the Author: Jojo Moyes!!!

Yesterday, I finally got to meet the amazing, the brilliant Jojo Moyes! I loved her book Me Before You and I was so excited to meet her! I went so early in the morning yesterday and I had some very unexpected surprises (Such as meeting the actors!)

I went to Barnes and Noble at the Grove yesterday at nine in the morning and got my wristband! I got wristband B which was pretty good and I was really happy with it!

But the, I couldn't go home and I had to stay there until the signing started which was at five in the evening so I stayed at B&N most of the time but I went to the movie theatre right next door to watch Captain America: Civil war (Which was totally amazing!)

When the signing started, they sat people down by ticket order and luckily I got to sit down! BUT THEN A FREAKING MIRACLE HAPPENED! One of the B&N staff was like "We will be handing out THE ME BEFORE YOU PRE SCREENING TICKETS TO THE FIRST FIFTY PEOPLE!"

And I was like SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I didn't even believe the guy at first! But when I got my ticket I was so happy that I could burst in to tears. I've been wanting to watch this movie for months and it was my first time going to a pre screening! So, that was super exciting! Now, the author!

Jojo was hilarious and answered everybody's question thoroughly and thoughtfully. And when I met her I had a total freak out! These are just some pictures of her from the signing!


I was fangirling the whole time I talked to her and the experience was just so surreal! Then, I headed to the movie which I was so excited about! The movie theatre was packed and a bunch of security guards were there! But then, me and hundred other people got a total surprise because...EMILIA CLARKE AND MATHEW LEWIS, YEAH THE GUY WHO PLAYS NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM, WAS AT THE PRE SCREENING!
I was legit about to faint and scream right there! Emilia came before the movie started to give us a slight intro and Matthew Lewis came at the end of the movie! I couldn't take pictures of Matthew Lewis unfortunately but I got some pictures of Emilia:)

Sorry for the really bad quality:( The theater was really dark and everything:) The movie was fantastic and I cried so hard during it! Jojo told us that she wrote the script herself  and surely, the movie was so accurate to the book that I almost cried of joy!
I loved the meeting Jojo, the movie and every single second of it! This is yet another experience that I will cherish forever! Thanks for reading! Bye!


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