Marissa Meyer: Met the Author Experience!!!

For Marissa Meyer's Winter release party, she came to my hometown and so of course I had to go!!!
This book signing was actually bearable because since my town is so small there weren't as many people as I feared there would be. Maybe...200? 300? I know that sounds like a lot but trust me, it's not:)

If you didn't know, The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer is one of my absolute favorite series out there and to meet her was just a surreal experience! I went there two hours before the actual event happened (I know, I'm prepared:) And I got A Winter goodie bag! it had WINTER themed gloves and tattoos and they were super cool! The book was such an amazing conclusion to an amazing series and I loved it!

So, when the actual conversation started, I got to sit down!!! Marissa told us the story of Snow White, The Grimm Brother's version, and it was so creepily good! She told the story so well and she had so much humor I laughed throughout the whole conversation!                                                                     
  After the conversation, the signing started and luckily, I was ticket number 60! So the line wasn't that long and I FINALLY GOT TO MEET HER AND IT WAS AMAZING! She was so sweet and her signature is really cool! I was so happy to meet her and it was a experience that I would treasure forever!!!

Thank you so much for reading my Met the Author experience! these are some photos from the signing!

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