Leigh Bardugo: Met the author Experience!!!

At my local bookstore, Once upon a Time bookstore, I got to meet Leigh Bardugo, the author of The Grisha Trilogy and six of Crows!!!

The Grisha Trilogy is one of my favorite dystopian novels out there and I FINALLY GOT TO MEET HER AND I WAS SO READY TO MEET HER! I went like three hours before the actual signing and I got to sit in the first row! (WOO HOO!!!)

Leigh was so funny, hilarious and she told us stories of writing, her struggles and just stories of her life! They were so funny and relatable and it made me love her even more! The day I met her was also her birthday so there were lots of cake and cupcakes and celebration everywhere!!! It was really nice to be just surrounded by the book community!!!

When I met her, I poured out to her about how much I loved The Grisha Trilogy and she was so sweet and asked me who my favorite character was and I was like "THE DARKLING!!!"

Leigh laughed and on my copy of Ruin and Rising, the third book, she wrote me a quote from the darkling and I was so happy that I could just jump up and down!!! I was a little less awkward with her which was a relief, haha.

Here is my picture with Leigh Bardugo:
Thank you guys so much for reading my post! Comment your author experiences! I would love to read them!!!

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