Cassandra Clare: Met the author experience!

So, this was a while back but I decided to write about all of my experiences with meeting authors so for this post, I will write about the time when I first met Cassandra Clare at the Lady Midnight Release Party at the Grove!

So, on the release day of Lady Midnight, I went to The Grove to meet Cassandra Clare, one of my all time favorite authors! I went right after school which was about three-ish and arrived there at four. I thought I was there pretty early but I was...TICKET NUMBER 546!

Yep, so I was in total shock! An hour before the event started, they lined all the people by ticket number and I was STATIONED OUTSIDE! Me and hundreds of other people had to stand outside while the event happened! :( The cast of the shadowhunters TV show was also there too but I only got to see a glimpse of them for they were gone after the Q&A.

So...the waiting came and it was exhausting. I waited four hours outside and when the line finally moved up, I waited about an hour inside. Luckily, I met a stranger girl who was really nice and loved books so I wasn't bored:)

Once inside Barnes and Noble, the waiting happened again BUT THEN A FREAKING MIACLE HAPPENED!

I was waiting then I had to go to the restroom which was up the escalator. So I was walking to the escalator and there were these two ladies there and I saw "Excuse me" and they moved away and I turned to see that it was FREAKING CHRISTINE AND NATASHA!!!

If you didn't know, I love booktubers and Christine (Polandbanannasbooks) and Natasha (Tashapolis) are one of my absolute favorites along with Sasha Alsberg! (Abookutopia)

I saw them and I was like OMG  but by the time I knew it was them I was already going up the escalator. I still didn't know if that actually happened or if I was just imagining it. Scared that they might go away, I hurried to the restroom and came back to find out that they were still there. They were talking and taking pictures with people and I GOT TO TALK TO THEM AND TAKE PICTURES WITH THEM!!!

I'm very happy guys I know I don't look like it but I was very nervous!!! My lips were just wobbling as I smiled because these people really just changed me. Three years ago I really didn't like books. I mean, I liked Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and stuff but I was not in to YA. These guys totally changed that and now I don't know where I would be if not for my love of books!  I talked with Christine and Tasha and it was so amazing and I will never forget the experience!

NOW CASSANDRA CLARE! TIME TO MEET THE QUEEN! When I met her, it was no nerve wrecking and I totally couldn't believe it! Her book was also the reason I read YA. (Well, that and Divergent) She asked me who my favorite character was and I was like..Hmm let me think about that... Then I yelled WILL HERONDALE!!! and she laughed and it was amazing! She said, "Why does everybody say Will?" and I'm just like, Well, cuz he's awesome:) Here's my photo with Cassie Clare! She's frowning in it but I bet she's happy in the inside:)

 Thank you guys for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it just as much as I did writing it!

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