Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon Interview!

Hi Guys! So today, I got to interview the amazing two authors who wrote the fantastic series called Doon! It is magical, adventurous, swoony and is set in Scotland so it has a little everything for everyone!

Now for the interview! I really hope you guys enjoy this one!

1. What inspired you guys to write Doon in the first place?

 Lorie: When I was sixteen I saw the
musical Brigadoon and fell in love with the romantic tale of the village that only appears to
the modern world once every one hundred years. But one thing always bothered me about
the original – during the hundred years that the portal to the kingdom is closed, the people
in Brigadoon sleep. Really? They sleep! I couldn’t stop thinking about what I could do with
that hundred years…

2. How does it feel to see the beloved series end?
 Carey: Bittersweet! This is a journey Lorie and I have been on together for several years. We love the characters and are not ready for the journey to end. On the other hand, we’re so excited for readers to delve into Forever Doon. We hope that readers will enjoy the final book as much as we enjoyed writing it.

3. How does writing together work? Is it hard? Is it easy? Can you tell us some pros and cons?

Lorie: As you can imagine, one of the challenges of co-authoring is not having complete
creative control, but this can also be an advantage because you have two brains instead of
one! Carey and I, much like our characters, are opposite in a way that makes for a perfect
balance. As writers, we each bring different technical strengths to the table.
The actual process of writing with a co-author is fun and dynamic. Splitting responsibilities
such as blogging, promotions, and social networking is a great blessing. But the biggest
advantage is that you have someone who is equally invested. Someone you can call at
midnight with a brilliant plot idea, who won’t curse you out and block your phone number.

Carey: that’s true!

4. If Veronica, McKenna, Jamie and Duncan were sorted in to Harry Potter houses, what houses
would they be sorted in to?

 Lorie: I’m going to take this one since I’m the HP geek! This is
hard though, because I’m pretty sure all four of them fit the Gryffindor profile, but for the
sake of fun, I’ll assign them different houses.

Veronica is a Ravenclaw because of her thirst for knowledge, love of books, and intense

Mackenna is a Slytherine because the thing she dreads most is a fall from glory, and let’s face it,
she can be quite devious when she puts her mind to it.

Jamie is a Gryffindor because he is fiercely passionate, daring, and always ready to fight for
what he believes in!

Duncan is a Hufflepuff because he’s intensely loyal, always puts family and those he loves first,
despises being alone, and isn’t much for personal confrontation.

5. If you guys could put your book characters in to another fantasy world, what world it be and
how would your characters cope?
 Carey: I think I’d have to vote for Storybrooke. Although
Once Upon a Time premiered after we wrote Doon, it’s the kind of fairytale-modern world
mashup that we love! Kenna and Vee would be awesome in Storybrooke.

6. Have you guys ever visited Scotland?

No, only in our dreams. (And during our hours ofresearching Alloway and the surrounding countryside!)

7. Do you guys have any plans for writing another book together in the future?

 We have some ideas for short stories and a possible spin-off, but right now we’re focused on individual projects. Doon deserves at least a short stent of peace, don’t you think?

8.If you could ship your characters with characters from another book, who would you pair them
up with and why?

Lorie: Veronica has an established literary crush…Will Herondale from Cassandra Clare’s
Infernal Devices series. Like me, Vee likes her men with a caustic wit and a bit of a dark

Carey: Right now Kenna is crushing pretty hard on Anthony Ramos (HAMILTON) but
don’t tell Duncan.

9. What is a YA book you would recommend to everybody? Lorie: AN EMBER IN THE
ASHES by Sabaa Tahir is a story of courage in the face of oppression and crippling fear.
It’s one of my favorite YA fantasy novels of all time.

Carey: THE FAULT IN OUR STARS remains my all-time favorite YA book. John Green’s
beautifully crafted, poignant and humorous story gives me impostor syndrome.

10. What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
 Lorie: Give yourself time to become a strong writer. Take classes, read tons, practice your craft every day.

Carey: If you’ve put pen to paper you are a writer. If you’re a writer aspiring to publication: Give your stories their best chance by learning the art of revision. Think of your story as a beautiful wood
floor…study, seamless, smooth, and polish to a dazzling golden hue. You don’t get there by
nailing some planks together. That gorgeous floor takes planning and preparation, there
are steps to be executed in the right order to get the desired outcome. (And if floors aren’t
your thing, think about something you connect to: The perfect hairstyle or makeup look,
painting, etc.) The more flawless something seems the more work it takes in preparation to
appear so.

Thank you so much to Carey and Lorie for answering my questions! Make sure guys to read the amazing book Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon! The last book of the series Forever Doon will be coming out this year in the fall so you could totally binge read them!!!

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  1. Thanks so much for having us on your blog! Loved answering the Harry Potter house question! :-)