A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas Book review


This review will contain SPOILERS so do NOT READ  if you have not read this book yet! (Which you totally should because it is just flat out amazing! This is the sequel to A Court of thorns and roses:)
Okay, so having loved A Court of Thorns and roses and all of Sarah J. Maas’s books, I had high expectations for this one! But the thing is…I DIDN’T KNOW THIS BOOK WOULD BE THIS FANTASTIC!!! LIKE SERIOUSLY THIS BOOK WAS CRAZY FANTASTIC AND I JUST HAVE NO WORDS!
So, that was my initial reaction after finishing the book! Now that I poured out some of my feels, Let’s discuss!

1.Tamlin and Feyre
Okay so their relationship was not all Sunnyside up which I was expecting it to be after all that Feyre sacrificed for him in the first book! Tamlin was getting way to possessive of Feyre and it was annoying and I was so happy that Feyre wasn’t one of those puny girls who let the guy do that to her. Besides, lets admit, by the end of this book, Tamlin was just creepy as hell. I mean, stalker alert? Like dude, chill. I seriously did not have any sort of sympathy towards him by the end of this book and at this point I don’t think I like him AT ALL!

2. Rhysand and Feyre
HOLY SMOKES RHYSAND! I did not see that coming. Even though a lot of people were like “Oh my god, there is going to be a love triangle!” “Oh my god, those two have chemistry!” I didn’t believe it for a second! But I saw their relationship progress and I loved every single moment of it! Rhysand was so sarcastic and playful even though he had a lot of pressure on him and I really admired him for that. Besides, Feyre and Rhysand looked mighty fine together, shall I add:)

3. Velaris/Rhysand’s background story
There was so much information in this book about Rhys’s past and what he’s done to protect Velaris. His story just broke me apart and shocked me to the very core because I thought all the bad blood running with him and Tamlin had to do with just Feyre but it ran so much deeper than that and my heart really broke for him! Rhys is such a strong character and I feel that he was really open in this book and I loved it.

4. Lucien, Ianthe, Amren, Cassian, Azriel and Mor!
These characters truly made the book in to what it is! I hate some of these characters and I love some of these characters and I have really mixed feelings about some of them! My biggest problem is Lucien!
I wasn’t a big fan of Lucien from the start. I mean, he didn’t defend Feyre when she needed him to defend her an that just sent him downhill for me. Plus, in the middle of the book he tried to capture her in the forest surrounding her and tried to take her against her will which was not cool. So, I hated him throughout most of the book and found him annoying but at the end I was like WHAT IS HAPPENING! LUCIEN AND ELAIN? MATES? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS? I totally did not see that coming but I really liked how Lucien was very protective of Elain in the end when he found out. I still don’t know what to think of him though…

Do I even have to talk about Ianthe? She’s a spoiled brat and I hate her so much! At first, I was a bit iffy about Amren but in the end I grew to love her and as I learned more and more of her past, I felt sympathy for her and now she is one of my favorite characters in this book! Mor, Azriel and Cassian are awesome too! Although, I was a bit confused about their relationship. At first I thought they had a love triangle relationship thing going on but in the end did Cassian develop a certain liking to Nesta? The relationships are all over the place in this book! (Which is great, haha)

5. Nesta and Elain
Speaking of the sisters, NESTA AND ELAIN! I really didn’t like them in the first book, especially Nesta but strangely, I grew to like them and in the end I really liked Nesta and Elain! Even though they didn’t like the fae, they gave up their home for the meetings and in the end went through sufferings for Feyre. I was glad that they knew how much Feyre has done for them and what they did was their own way of saying thank you so I, in the end, liked and cared for them.
6. The book/Hybern and the four stupid queens.
The book got me hooked right up from the start! It was such an interesting take on the story and so unique that I never felt bored! I was kind of confused about how the book “spoke” to her at some points. I was like “Is she imagining that or is that really happening?” The king of Hybern just totally scared me at the end when he had everybody  cornered. Even Tamlin! And the four stupid queens couldn’t keep their mouth shut and had to tell the king about Velaris. I did appreciate the queen that left half of the book at the meeting place. I totally forgot who she was!

7. Rhysand and Feyre’s secret Plan!
So when Feyre sacrificed herself for her friends, pretending to be disgusted with Rhysand and asking the king to break the bond Rhys and she had I was like NOOO! THIS IS THE END OF THE WORLD AND WE ARE GOING TO BE IN ONE HELL OF A MESS!
But of course they had a plan and it was brilliant! And romantic, shall I add:) THEY GOT MARRIED! PRIEST AND EVERYTHING! So even though the kind thought he broke the bond between Rhys and Feyre, he actually didn’t, making Feyre a spy in the spring court! It’s such a dangerous yet brilliant plan and I was just stunned by the brilliance of it. I loved how there was one chapter in Rhy’s point of view. That just really broke my heart and it makes me fear for the next book and yet want it even more!

This book was just absolutely mind blowing and I would totally read it over and over again. This book is officially one of the best books I’ve read in the year so far (Right up there with Lady Midnight!) I rate it a 5/5 stars (Of Course)
That was the longest review I have ever written! I hope you enjoyed it and tell me what you thought of this book!

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