The Rose and the Dagger by Renee Ahdieh Review


       The Rose and the Dagger is the sequel to the Wrath and the Dawn, a retelling of the classic, a thousand and one nights! This book pretty much picks up where it left off and while the first book was better then it's sequel, I still highly enjoyed this book! It was full of twists and turns, magic, romance and adventure and I found myself eagerly turning the pages!

I rate this book a 4/5 stars. I am so sad to hear that this series will be a dualogy! I went in to this thinking it would be a trilogy:(


So, this books starts off with Sharhzad staying at the desert with Tariq and his "rebellious" group trying to take Khalid down. Of course, this pissed me off because who the hell are they to attack? But then again, I had to be reasonable and see there side of the story for they did not know of Khalid's curse yet. At times when Tariq called Khalid foul names I wished that Sharhzad would tell Tariq the truth about the curse. But, oh well.

Let's talk about Irsa. To be honest, she did not play a big role in this book but I liked her nevertheless. She was a good side kick, sister and I really liked her relationship with Rahim! I thought their relationship was cute and amidst the darkness brewing between the other characters, their relationship brought a bit of light and hope to me and I really liked and appreciated that.


Rahim gets killed! I was crying so hard when that happened! And when Irsa found out? OMG THE EFFING FEALS? RENEE AHDIEH LEGIT WANTS TO KILL ME!

So yeah, that was sad...moving on!

Sharhzad got these powers that she has to control and that added a lot of color to the story. But, I felt that her powers did not get enough spotlight in this story. It was just like, she has powers...Yay! And I was like...That's it? I mean, sure, she used her magic to fly a carpet to go to Khalid but I felt that her powers were so easily forgotten and I would have liked it more if they dwelled on that a bit more.

I loved Khalid and Sharhzad's reunion! While it was a tad bit short, I understood why. They were being hunted and Shazi was at the hands of the enemy. And when they kissed, I was just like FINALLY! YAAS!

Let's talk about Tariq. Boy, do I hate that guy! Like, okay, I get that you're still hung over Shazi but that doesn't give you the excuse to be irrational! And when he tried to shoot Khalid but shot Shazi instead I was just like: HAND HIM OVER TO ME SO I COULD CHOP HIS HEAD OFF BOIL IT IN TO STEW!!!

But thankfully, Shazi healed well and there was also another good outcome! Khalid and Tariq formed some sort of understanding towards each other and while they weren't all puppies and rainbows for each other, they formed some sort of respect for each other and it was seriously stress relieving.

When Khalid destroyed Jahandar's very treasured book to break his curse I was just like Yes! Finally! His curse was broken! Again I did feel that part was a bit rushed and I felt that the author could have dwelled on that a bit more.

God, I hated Jahandar! I never really liked him but when he kidnapped Shazi for HIS own good? God, I wanted him to die! But, I got to like a lot of people due to his kidnapping escapade! Despina and Yasmine!

I never really liked Despina, not even in the first book. I didn't know what to feel about her after I found out that she was pregnant with Jalal's baby. But in the end, I really liked her and I was so happy for her when she finally found love with Jalal. Really, Despina and Jalal's reunion could've been longer. It was like, two really short paragraphs! And Yasmine. In the first book, I really didn't like her because she flirted with Khalid when Shazi and Khalid were married and everything. But she helped Shazi and as soon as I got to learn more about her, I really felt for her.

In the end, when Khalid told Jahandar that he destroyed the book and Jahandar freaking stabbed him I was like NOOOOOO!!! I legit thought that this was going to be a TFIOS situation where he dies! But then Jahandar sees Shazi heartbroken and he decides to undo his wrongs and he sacrifices himself so that Khalid could live again. I was so happy and glad and while I hated Jahandar and I hate him still, I feel that he has rightly fixed his wrongs and I do feel a sort of respect for him.

The epilogue made me so happy because Shazi and Khalid got kids!!! It was so good seeing them together as parents and they were adorable together! I feel they will be really wise in the future with their children!

I did feel that a lot of parts of this book was rushed and it could have well been a trilogy but overall I enjoyed this book very much and I would happily read it all over again from the beginning. It really does pain me to leave these characters and this world  but hopefully I can come back to them soon. I really do wish them the best:)

(Now I just sound like a lunatic talking to book characters as if they were real but oh well! Thank you for reading my review and please tell m your thoughts I would love to know!)

Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon Interview!

Hi Guys! So today, I got to interview the amazing two authors who wrote the fantastic series called Doon! It is magical, adventurous, swoony and is set in Scotland so it has a little everything for everyone!

Now for the interview! I really hope you guys enjoy this one!

1. What inspired you guys to write Doon in the first place?

 Lorie: When I was sixteen I saw the
musical Brigadoon and fell in love with the romantic tale of the village that only appears to
the modern world once every one hundred years. But one thing always bothered me about
the original – during the hundred years that the portal to the kingdom is closed, the people
in Brigadoon sleep. Really? They sleep! I couldn’t stop thinking about what I could do with
that hundred years…

2. How does it feel to see the beloved series end?
 Carey: Bittersweet! This is a journey Lorie and I have been on together for several years. We love the characters and are not ready for the journey to end. On the other hand, we’re so excited for readers to delve into Forever Doon. We hope that readers will enjoy the final book as much as we enjoyed writing it.

3. How does writing together work? Is it hard? Is it easy? Can you tell us some pros and cons?

Lorie: As you can imagine, one of the challenges of co-authoring is not having complete
creative control, but this can also be an advantage because you have two brains instead of
one! Carey and I, much like our characters, are opposite in a way that makes for a perfect
balance. As writers, we each bring different technical strengths to the table.
The actual process of writing with a co-author is fun and dynamic. Splitting responsibilities
such as blogging, promotions, and social networking is a great blessing. But the biggest
advantage is that you have someone who is equally invested. Someone you can call at
midnight with a brilliant plot idea, who won’t curse you out and block your phone number.

Carey: that’s true!

4. If Veronica, McKenna, Jamie and Duncan were sorted in to Harry Potter houses, what houses
would they be sorted in to?

 Lorie: I’m going to take this one since I’m the HP geek! This is
hard though, because I’m pretty sure all four of them fit the Gryffindor profile, but for the
sake of fun, I’ll assign them different houses.

Veronica is a Ravenclaw because of her thirst for knowledge, love of books, and intense

Mackenna is a Slytherine because the thing she dreads most is a fall from glory, and let’s face it,
she can be quite devious when she puts her mind to it.

Jamie is a Gryffindor because he is fiercely passionate, daring, and always ready to fight for
what he believes in!

Duncan is a Hufflepuff because he’s intensely loyal, always puts family and those he loves first,
despises being alone, and isn’t much for personal confrontation.

5. If you guys could put your book characters in to another fantasy world, what world it be and
how would your characters cope?
 Carey: I think I’d have to vote for Storybrooke. Although
Once Upon a Time premiered after we wrote Doon, it’s the kind of fairytale-modern world
mashup that we love! Kenna and Vee would be awesome in Storybrooke.

6. Have you guys ever visited Scotland?

No, only in our dreams. (And during our hours ofresearching Alloway and the surrounding countryside!)

7. Do you guys have any plans for writing another book together in the future?

 We have some ideas for short stories and a possible spin-off, but right now we’re focused on individual projects. Doon deserves at least a short stent of peace, don’t you think?

8.If you could ship your characters with characters from another book, who would you pair them
up with and why?

Lorie: Veronica has an established literary crush…Will Herondale from Cassandra Clare’s
Infernal Devices series. Like me, Vee likes her men with a caustic wit and a bit of a dark

Carey: Right now Kenna is crushing pretty hard on Anthony Ramos (HAMILTON) but
don’t tell Duncan.

9. What is a YA book you would recommend to everybody? Lorie: AN EMBER IN THE
ASHES by Sabaa Tahir is a story of courage in the face of oppression and crippling fear.
It’s one of my favorite YA fantasy novels of all time.

Carey: THE FAULT IN OUR STARS remains my all-time favorite YA book. John Green’s
beautifully crafted, poignant and humorous story gives me impostor syndrome.

10. What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
 Lorie: Give yourself time to become a strong writer. Take classes, read tons, practice your craft every day.

Carey: If you’ve put pen to paper you are a writer. If you’re a writer aspiring to publication: Give your stories their best chance by learning the art of revision. Think of your story as a beautiful wood
floor…study, seamless, smooth, and polish to a dazzling golden hue. You don’t get there by
nailing some planks together. That gorgeous floor takes planning and preparation, there
are steps to be executed in the right order to get the desired outcome. (And if floors aren’t
your thing, think about something you connect to: The perfect hairstyle or makeup look,
painting, etc.) The more flawless something seems the more work it takes in preparation to
appear so.

Thank you so much to Carey and Lorie for answering my questions! Make sure guys to read the amazing book Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon! The last book of the series Forever Doon will be coming out this year in the fall so you could totally binge read them!!!

Flawed by Cecilia Ahern Review

Flawed takes place in a society where anything other than perfection. When the Guild takes you in as a Flawed, you are basically a criminal. Celestine is perfect. Always has been and always will be. She was Perfect for one moment, but then...she was flawed.
This book is about questioning everything you thought right and finding out that being flawed is exactly what makes you human and perfect

Spoiler Free Part:

I really liked this book! The premise of the novel was interesting and the writing was very well done! The book flowed nicely and the characters were very interesting which I also very much liked! I would rate this book a solid 4/5! I definitely recommend it to anybody who likes Uglies by Scott Westerfield and I am really looking forward to the next book! It seems there will be two books in this series!

Spoiler Part:

So, this book was not perfect. it was a bit "flawed" Did you see what I did there? Okay, so first of all the connections between the characters in this book. Celestine and her boyfriend Art are all lovey dovey in the beginning of the book but as soon as Celestine goes inside her cell and sees Carrick she feels an "immediate" connection to him. I mean like come on! No chemistry what so ever! That was a big no no for me.

Juniper! OMG I hate that girl! Even in the end when she was trying to get retribution for what she did, I still had a certain distaste for her. Okay, I did feel a teeny tiny bit bad but still! She should never had snuck out of the house with her little sister's boyfriend! That's like...breaking the girl code.

The whole plot about the perfect society was good and everything and I liked seeing Celestine coping and trying to go back to her normal life. But I felt that the book could've moved on from that later on. Her goal was to find Carrick and supposedly start a rebellion but no, that doesn't even seem to happen in this book! I felt that Cecilia left this out so she has something to kick her second book off with but still, it would've been better if she wrote some more action in this book.

Overall, this was a really enjoyable read, while it's not the best dystopian I've ever read, it's still enjoyable and worth your time!

Interview with Michelle Madow!

Hi guys! Today, I got to interview the lovely Michelle Madow about her trilogy called The Secret Diamond Sisters! The Secret Diamond sisters books are perfect for fans of Mean Girls and it's about three sisters finding out that they have a father who is a billionaire hotel owner in Las Vegas! I enjoyed these books so much and I highly recommend them!

1. What inspired the Secret Diamond Sisters Trilogy? 

I was walking through my favorite hotel in Las Vegas — The Wynn — when I thought, “What would it be like to live here?” From there, the idea for The Secret Diamond Sisters formed! I love how the city bursts with magic and excitement. Vegas does everything as big as possible, so being there is like entering a fantasyland. My favorite part is definitely all the different hotels. Each one is a different theme, and they all have such distinct personalities. A few of my favorite hotels are mentioned in The Secret Diamond Sisters (Paris, the Venetian, and many implications to the Wynn), so hopefully readers are transported into these magical hotels while they’re reading the book!

2. Out of the three Diamond sisters-Savannah, Courtney and Peyton, which one do you relate to the most?

When I was in high school, I related the most to Savannah, but nowadays, I’m definitely the most like Courtney, because of my focus on writing and how I put it before anything else in my life.

3. Would you like a life in Las Vegas or are you more of a country lifestyle person? 

Neither! I prefer cities, but cities that are more down to Earth than Vegas. But if I had to choose between Vegas and the country, then I would choose Vegas! Country life is definitely not for me.

4. If you found out you had a secret father who was a billionaire, what would your initial reaction be? 

My initial reaction would be to wonder how I had a secret father when I’ve known my father my whole life ;) But if, like the Diamond sisters, I didn’t know my father my whole life, my initial reaction would be to wonder my he didn’t want to be a part of my life until then. 

5. What advice do you give to aspiring writers?

A writer I know once told me, “You have to write one million bad words before you write anything others want to read,” and that is so true. Writing is a skill, and like any other skill, it takes practice to improve. Experiment with different approaches to writing a novel so you can find what works best for you. Most importantly, above anything else, you have to write. Know what time of day you get your best writing done, and force yourself to write during that time, even if you’re not feeling “inspired.” Writing is work, and it’s not going to be fun all the time. There will be parts you will struggle with, that will frustrate you to no end and make you want to hit your keyboard, but you need to keep your end goal in mind. Set a minimum goal of how many words you can comfortably write per day, and reach that minimum five days a week. Make sure your goal per day is attainable for you—if it’s too high, it will be frustrating and will make you want to quit. And remember that even if you’re having a rough writing day, force yourself to reach that minimum. First drafts don’t need to be perfect, since you will edit it afterward. Once your draft is completed, edit to the best of your ability. Show it to friends, family, and teachers to ask their advice on how to improve. After all that, you’re ready to start learning about the publishing process!

6. Is there anything else you want us to know?

If you want a book of mine for FREE, visit and claim your free copy of Elementals 1: The Prophecy of Shadows! It’s the first book in my latest YA urban fantasy series about witches and Greek gods — it’s perfect for fans of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter.

Thank you Michelle for letting me interview you for my blog! Guys, if you haven't read her Secret Diamond Sisters Trilogy I highly recommend them! They're so fun and really you just fly right through them! Hope you guys enjoyed this interview!

Met the Author: Jojo Moyes!!!

Yesterday, I finally got to meet the amazing, the brilliant Jojo Moyes! I loved her book Me Before You and I was so excited to meet her! I went so early in the morning yesterday and I had some very unexpected surprises (Such as meeting the actors!)

I went to Barnes and Noble at the Grove yesterday at nine in the morning and got my wristband! I got wristband B which was pretty good and I was really happy with it!

But the, I couldn't go home and I had to stay there until the signing started which was at five in the evening so I stayed at B&N most of the time but I went to the movie theatre right next door to watch Captain America: Civil war (Which was totally amazing!)

When the signing started, they sat people down by ticket order and luckily I got to sit down! BUT THEN A FREAKING MIRACLE HAPPENED! One of the B&N staff was like "We will be handing out THE ME BEFORE YOU PRE SCREENING TICKETS TO THE FIRST FIFTY PEOPLE!"

And I was like SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I didn't even believe the guy at first! But when I got my ticket I was so happy that I could burst in to tears. I've been wanting to watch this movie for months and it was my first time going to a pre screening! So, that was super exciting! Now, the author!

Jojo was hilarious and answered everybody's question thoroughly and thoughtfully. And when I met her I had a total freak out! These are just some pictures of her from the signing!


I was fangirling the whole time I talked to her and the experience was just so surreal! Then, I headed to the movie which I was so excited about! The movie theatre was packed and a bunch of security guards were there! But then, me and hundred other people got a total surprise because...EMILIA CLARKE AND MATHEW LEWIS, YEAH THE GUY WHO PLAYS NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM, WAS AT THE PRE SCREENING!
I was legit about to faint and scream right there! Emilia came before the movie started to give us a slight intro and Matthew Lewis came at the end of the movie! I couldn't take pictures of Matthew Lewis unfortunately but I got some pictures of Emilia:)

Sorry for the really bad quality:( The theater was really dark and everything:) The movie was fantastic and I cried so hard during it! Jojo told us that she wrote the script herself  and surely, the movie was so accurate to the book that I almost cried of joy!
I loved the meeting Jojo, the movie and every single second of it! This is yet another experience that I will cherish forever! Thanks for reading! Bye!


The Problem with Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout

The problem with forever is a romance contemporary about a girl called Mallory dodge who doesn't talk because of her tragic past. The only one that has saved her from her tragic past when she was a kid was Rider. Now, four years separated, they meet again. Now, with the help of Rider, she must make a choice between staying silent and speaking out for the ones she loves, the life she wants and the truths that need to be heard.

I love Jennifer L. Armentrout's books, my favorite being the Lux series so of course I had high expectations for this one! I really liked this book and maybe I loved it, saying that I read it in a day but it was lower than what I had hoped it would be.

Jennifer's writing is beautiful and funny as always but I felt that the story of this book was just a bit...clique. I have read numerous stories of a silent girl with a traumatic past and her learning to move on from it years later. I mean, come on. It's a simple story.

But does that mean this book was bad? NO! The characters were interesting, fun and Rider was just SWOON! Plus, this book did rack these emotions out of me and by the end of the book I had tears in my eyes. This book did teach a really good lesson and the romance in this book was great as always. I just personally don't think that  this book was Jennifer's best work.

I rate this book a 3.5/5. It was a nice enjoyable read and I would recommend this to anybody looking for a short but thoughtful story!

The Crown by Kiera Cass Book Review!

The Crown by Kiera Cass is the fifth and final installment of the Selection Series! I won't be posting a summary for this book because I am afraid it might spoil the other books in the series:)


What I Liked:

The characters matured so much! While I loved the selection series, I found the characters in the book to be quite tiresome and annoying! Eadlyn was very annoying and snobby in The Heir but I feel like she really grew as a person and I enjoyed this book much more than The Heir because of it!

The romance was great as always! I was rooting for Kile and honestly I really thought that they would get together! For me, Erik and Eadlyn getting together was just totally out of nowhere, but I don't disapprove of the couple:) Oh can we TALK ABOUT HALE? BY HALE I MEAN HALE AND EAN???

I just totally didn't see that coming! But the thing is, I actually really liked that Kiera Cass did that because there aren't a lot of books out there with gay couples. I mean, it's increasing, but not enough and I feel that Kiera adding this element in to this book made it more relatable in a few ways. Like it wasn't some fairytale world but an actual realistic society.

Plus I am so happy to see that America is okay!!! I was so worried for her and I was so happy when she was back to normal! I was also really happy to see Maxon fretting over America! They are so adorable!!!

Let's talk Marid! I know he was a bad character with bad intentions but I really liked how Kiera added some complications to the story! I mean, it was a totally ridiculous one but it was good to read about some other things than the selection.

What I didn't like:

Okay, so I'm completely fine with Erik and Eadlyn. I ship it now even. But the transitions were just...meh. I mean, I knew that they had some sort of liking towards each other in the first book but this was just totally out of the blue! I mean, for a few chapters Eadlyn was like "I think I'm falling for Kile" and then a few chapters later she's like "OMG ERIK I LOVE YOU!!!"

Plus, was it just me or was the book super rushed? I mean, the book didn't even reach three hundred pages! I felt that the story was to rushed and that Kiera Cass was trying to speed up everything so much. I could have used another 100-200 pages honestly. I mean, Erik and Eadlyn had like no chemistry and suddenly they do and yeah.

I would rate this book a 3.5/5. It was a nice fun read and I am so sad to see The Selection series ending! I am definitely waiting for Kiera's future books!!! What Did you think about The Crown???

LA Times Book Festvial

So I had the opportunity to attend the LA Times Festival of books this year!!! It was so much fun and I had one hell of a time! So I decided to share the experience with all of you!
So, The LA Times festival of books is a festival held at USC every year on a Saturday and Sunday. At the festival are obviously, authors and BOOKS! But there are also a lot of other cool stuff like diverse music, food and TV show panels!

So, my friend and I went to USC about an hour before the festival actually started. The campus was huge so we totally took advantage of the time that we had to look around. The at 10:00 A.M we had a Tahereh Mafi and Soman Chainani panel! I was so fun and we got to talk and take pictures with them which was super great! Tahereh Mafi wrote the Shatter me Trilogy which is amazing and Soman Chainani wrote the School for good and evil trilogy which is also equally amazing!
Then we went to the Danielle Paige signing at the Once upon a time bookstore booth and I was so happy to finally meet her! Danielle wrote the Dorothy must die trilogy and it is one of my favorite retellings out there! I wrote a review for the latest book, Yellow Brick War so check it out! I was so happy that we only had to wait like thirty minutes to meet her! We got there just in time (Thankfully) I was not ready to wait another hour!

The great thing about this festival is the diversity. After the Danielle Paige signing, my friend and I went to get some food and we were amazed by how many amazing food trucks there were! We went to this food truck called the White Rabbit! I got orange chicken with cheese fries and they were really good! Then we got some drinks and we wandered around! While we were walking, this random dude just walked up to us holding an ARC of Zac brewer’s upcoming book The Blood between us and was like “Hey do you guys want a free book?” So we said yes and he told us that the author was signing right over there so we got to meet him as well without even planning on it!

Different booths were EVERYWHERE! We went to the DC comic booth where I snagged a really big poster of Superman vs Batman and we went to a lot of independent bookstore booths!  I really love independent bookstores because they give you the feeling of home and I just love supporting them! There were a lot of cool stages that unfortunately, due to time, we couldn’t go to but maybe next year!

The at 2:30 we headed for the VERY popular YA panel! Ransom Riggs, Marie Lu, Victoria Aveyard and Sarah Rees Brennan! The lines for the panel and the signing were huge but surprisingly, I’ve been through WAYYY worse (Cassandra Clare, cough cough) So we got out books signed and our pictures taken which was surreal because I loved all of their books! Like, to the point of worshipping.
And that was pretty much of the end of our day! It was so much fun but very, very tiring. I would totally do it again though. Definitely worth all the lines and waiting. I had such a great time and I hope that I would be able to go next year! Did you go to the LA Times festival of books? Tell me about your experience!


(Marie Lu, author of The Legend Trilogy and The Young Elites)

(Tahereh Mafi, author of The Shatter Me Trilogy and Furthermore, coming out in August 2016)

(Soman Chainani, Author of The School of Good and Evil Trilogy)

(Zac Brewer, author of the Cemetery Boys and The Blood Between Us)

(Danielle Paige, author of The Dorothy Must Die Trilogy)

(Ransom Riggs, Author of The Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children Trilogy)

(Victoria Aveyard, Author of Red Queen and Glass Sword)

Leigh Bardugo: Met the author Experience!!!

At my local bookstore, Once upon a Time bookstore, I got to meet Leigh Bardugo, the author of The Grisha Trilogy and six of Crows!!!

The Grisha Trilogy is one of my favorite dystopian novels out there and I FINALLY GOT TO MEET HER AND I WAS SO READY TO MEET HER! I went like three hours before the actual signing and I got to sit in the first row! (WOO HOO!!!)

Leigh was so funny, hilarious and she told us stories of writing, her struggles and just stories of her life! They were so funny and relatable and it made me love her even more! The day I met her was also her birthday so there were lots of cake and cupcakes and celebration everywhere!!! It was really nice to be just surrounded by the book community!!!

When I met her, I poured out to her about how much I loved The Grisha Trilogy and she was so sweet and asked me who my favorite character was and I was like "THE DARKLING!!!"

Leigh laughed and on my copy of Ruin and Rising, the third book, she wrote me a quote from the darkling and I was so happy that I could just jump up and down!!! I was a little less awkward with her which was a relief, haha.

Here is my picture with Leigh Bardugo:
Thank you guys so much for reading my post! Comment your author experiences! I would love to read them!!!

Rick Yancey: Met the Author Experience!!!

When I got to meet Rick Yancey, the author of The 5th Wave and a few of the actors from the movie, I WAS LEGIT THE HAPPIEST FANGIRL EVER!!!

The event was hosted at my local independent bookstore, Once upon a Time! (They have absolutely amazing author events!)

So, I went to the signing with my friend and we finally got to meet him! There were a lot of people there and the place was really crowded since it was such a small bookstore:) Rick Yancey was so chill and funny and continuously made jokes that made the whole audience laugh!

Then the signing! I was so nervous to meet him! I mea, what do you say when you meet one of your favorite Sci-Fi authors EVER???

I was really awkward when I met him and I didn't know what to do but he was so nice and I got to take a picture with him!!!
I look really awkward but oh well. I think when I take pictures with authors I look really awkward and not that happy but trust me I was super happy! When the whole thing happened I was just like DID THAT ACTUALLY HAPPEN???
Then I got to meet a few of the cast from the Fifth Wave movie! No, not Chloe Grace Mortez but still, I got to meet some fabulous actors! They were so nice and funny and I was about to faint at that point! Here's a picture:
It was a surreal experience and I will treasure it forever! Hope you enjoyed my post and happy reading!

Marissa Meyer: Met the Author Experience!!!

For Marissa Meyer's Winter release party, she came to my hometown and so of course I had to go!!!
This book signing was actually bearable because since my town is so small there weren't as many people as I feared there would be. Maybe...200? 300? I know that sounds like a lot but trust me, it's not:)

If you didn't know, The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer is one of my absolute favorite series out there and to meet her was just a surreal experience! I went there two hours before the actual event happened (I know, I'm prepared:) And I got A Winter goodie bag! it had WINTER themed gloves and tattoos and they were super cool! The book was such an amazing conclusion to an amazing series and I loved it!

So, when the actual conversation started, I got to sit down!!! Marissa told us the story of Snow White, The Grimm Brother's version, and it was so creepily good! She told the story so well and she had so much humor I laughed throughout the whole conversation!                                                                     
  After the conversation, the signing started and luckily, I was ticket number 60! So the line wasn't that long and I FINALLY GOT TO MEET HER AND IT WAS AMAZING! She was so sweet and her signature is really cool! I was so happy to meet her and it was a experience that I would treasure forever!!!

Thank you so much for reading my Met the Author experience! these are some photos from the signing!

Cassandra Clare: Met the author experience!

So, this was a while back but I decided to write about all of my experiences with meeting authors so for this post, I will write about the time when I first met Cassandra Clare at the Lady Midnight Release Party at the Grove!

So, on the release day of Lady Midnight, I went to The Grove to meet Cassandra Clare, one of my all time favorite authors! I went right after school which was about three-ish and arrived there at four. I thought I was there pretty early but I was...TICKET NUMBER 546!

Yep, so I was in total shock! An hour before the event started, they lined all the people by ticket number and I was STATIONED OUTSIDE! Me and hundreds of other people had to stand outside while the event happened! :( The cast of the shadowhunters TV show was also there too but I only got to see a glimpse of them for they were gone after the Q&A.

So...the waiting came and it was exhausting. I waited four hours outside and when the line finally moved up, I waited about an hour inside. Luckily, I met a stranger girl who was really nice and loved books so I wasn't bored:)

Once inside Barnes and Noble, the waiting happened again BUT THEN A FREAKING MIACLE HAPPENED!

I was waiting then I had to go to the restroom which was up the escalator. So I was walking to the escalator and there were these two ladies there and I saw "Excuse me" and they moved away and I turned to see that it was FREAKING CHRISTINE AND NATASHA!!!

If you didn't know, I love booktubers and Christine (Polandbanannasbooks) and Natasha (Tashapolis) are one of my absolute favorites along with Sasha Alsberg! (Abookutopia)

I saw them and I was like OMG  but by the time I knew it was them I was already going up the escalator. I still didn't know if that actually happened or if I was just imagining it. Scared that they might go away, I hurried to the restroom and came back to find out that they were still there. They were talking and taking pictures with people and I GOT TO TALK TO THEM AND TAKE PICTURES WITH THEM!!!

I'm very happy guys I know I don't look like it but I was very nervous!!! My lips were just wobbling as I smiled because these people really just changed me. Three years ago I really didn't like books. I mean, I liked Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and stuff but I was not in to YA. These guys totally changed that and now I don't know where I would be if not for my love of books!  I talked with Christine and Tasha and it was so amazing and I will never forget the experience!

NOW CASSANDRA CLARE! TIME TO MEET THE QUEEN! When I met her, it was no nerve wrecking and I totally couldn't believe it! Her book was also the reason I read YA. (Well, that and Divergent) She asked me who my favorite character was and I was like..Hmm let me think about that... Then I yelled WILL HERONDALE!!! and she laughed and it was amazing! She said, "Why does everybody say Will?" and I'm just like, Well, cuz he's awesome:) Here's my photo with Cassie Clare! She's frowning in it but I bet she's happy in the inside:)

 Thank you guys for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it just as much as I did writing it!

Anne Blankman Interview

Today, I got to interview the lovely Anne Blankman! She wrote the Prisoner of Night and Fog series, a book taking place in the holocaust about a girl who is brainwashed by the Nazis but who also falls in love with a Jewish Reporter. (One of my favorite historical fiction novels EVER!) And her upcoming release is Traitor Angels coming out May 3rd! My review for it is up so check it out! I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed doing it!
Traitor Angels interview:

  1. What inspired you to write Traitor Angels and what made you go back in to writing the Historical Fiction Genre Do you define yourself as a Historical Fiction author or do you think in the future you will explore other genres or writing?

First of all, thanks so much for having me, Audrey!

I identify myself as a writer. I want to write the stories that set me on fire, regardless of what genre they happen to be. Although I love writing historical fiction, I don’t want to be pigeonholed into one genre for the rest of my life.  Right now I’m working on a couple of manuscripts that are very different from my first three books, and I’m having a wonderful time.

  1. About how much research did you do to write Traitor Angels? While it is fiction, there were many true facts in the story and I could only imagine how long it would take me to research all that and write a story about it!

Oh my goodness! Where to start? By the time I’ve finished researching my books, I feel as though I’ve earned another master’s degree. J I usually research the relevant time period for about a year while simultaneously drafting another book. It can get confusing, so I take lots of notes. I think I had about three or four hundred typed pages of notes for Traitor Angels!

  1. Traitor Angels has a lot of mystery and a whole lot of puzzles! Did you ever find yourself confused as you wrote the book?

I use several tricks to keep myself from getting confused. First of all, when I research I take extensive notes, which I consult frequently when I’m drafting. I put together detailed outlines before I start writing, too. For Traitor Angels, I made a calendar of August and September, 1666 (the story’s timeframe), and I wrote down everything that happens on every single day. That really helped me when I was figuring out how long it would take the characters to get from point A to point B (they have to ride horses or walk everywhere, so I needed to know how many hours it would take for them to ride from Oxford to London, for example). I also have a replica of a 1666 map of London, so I could trace the route that Elizabeth takes through the capital.

  1. As you were writing the book, were you ever worried that the topic of religion might stop readers from reading it? I think it was a brave thing to write about, exploring the religion of Christianity in a YA book but others might not think so. Did this thought ever affect you and how did you learn to ignore it and write what you desire?

I think it’s important to respect your readers. At the same time, I think it’s important to write from an honest place and not censor yourself. So writing a mystery that revolves around seventeenth century religion was a balancing act.

  1. Which book was harder for you to write: Prisoner of Night and Fog or Traitor Angels?

Oooh, what a fun question! I have no idea. Writing each one of my books is such a different experience. Prisoner was hard because it was my first and I was writing about a girl who starts out as a brainwashed Nazi. Plus, I was raising a toddler and helping to take care of my mom, who had just been diagnosed with cancer. Traitor was hard because the mystery was so complex and I was writing on deadline. Oh, and we were in the middle of moving. Major life events tend to hit whenever I’m drafting. J (I should probably add that my mom’s in remission and doing great.)

  1. If you were to write a totally different historical fiction novel from the ones that you’ve previously written, which era would you write about?

Do you have an hour to spare? That’s probably how long it would take me to answer this question. I’m a big history nerd and I’m fascinated by so many eras! I’d love to set a book in ancient Mesopotamia, but the research might do me in.


  1. On Average, how long does it take for you to write a book?
A long time! At least a year, plus another year if it’s historical and I need to do research.

  1. Dog ear or bookmark?

  1. Daniel or Antonio (I know, it’s a hard one!)
Nope, can’t choose. That’s like asking a mom which one of her kids she loves the most.

  1. What is a YA book that you would recommend to everyone?
I don’t know if others would classify this as a YA book, but I think everyone should read Anne Frank’s diary.

  1. What is your advice to aspiring writers?
Read a lot, write a lot, and never give up.
Once again, thank you Anne for letting me interview you! Make sure to check out her Upcoming book Traitor Angels on May 3rd! Next Tuesday!!!

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas Book review


This review will contain SPOILERS so do NOT READ  if you have not read this book yet! (Which you totally should because it is just flat out amazing! This is the sequel to A Court of thorns and roses:)
Okay, so having loved A Court of Thorns and roses and all of Sarah J. Maas’s books, I had high expectations for this one! But the thing is…I DIDN’T KNOW THIS BOOK WOULD BE THIS FANTASTIC!!! LIKE SERIOUSLY THIS BOOK WAS CRAZY FANTASTIC AND I JUST HAVE NO WORDS!
So, that was my initial reaction after finishing the book! Now that I poured out some of my feels, Let’s discuss!

1.Tamlin and Feyre
Okay so their relationship was not all Sunnyside up which I was expecting it to be after all that Feyre sacrificed for him in the first book! Tamlin was getting way to possessive of Feyre and it was annoying and I was so happy that Feyre wasn’t one of those puny girls who let the guy do that to her. Besides, lets admit, by the end of this book, Tamlin was just creepy as hell. I mean, stalker alert? Like dude, chill. I seriously did not have any sort of sympathy towards him by the end of this book and at this point I don’t think I like him AT ALL!

2. Rhysand and Feyre
HOLY SMOKES RHYSAND! I did not see that coming. Even though a lot of people were like “Oh my god, there is going to be a love triangle!” “Oh my god, those two have chemistry!” I didn’t believe it for a second! But I saw their relationship progress and I loved every single moment of it! Rhysand was so sarcastic and playful even though he had a lot of pressure on him and I really admired him for that. Besides, Feyre and Rhysand looked mighty fine together, shall I add:)

3. Velaris/Rhysand’s background story
There was so much information in this book about Rhys’s past and what he’s done to protect Velaris. His story just broke me apart and shocked me to the very core because I thought all the bad blood running with him and Tamlin had to do with just Feyre but it ran so much deeper than that and my heart really broke for him! Rhys is such a strong character and I feel that he was really open in this book and I loved it.

4. Lucien, Ianthe, Amren, Cassian, Azriel and Mor!
These characters truly made the book in to what it is! I hate some of these characters and I love some of these characters and I have really mixed feelings about some of them! My biggest problem is Lucien!
I wasn’t a big fan of Lucien from the start. I mean, he didn’t defend Feyre when she needed him to defend her an that just sent him downhill for me. Plus, in the middle of the book he tried to capture her in the forest surrounding her and tried to take her against her will which was not cool. So, I hated him throughout most of the book and found him annoying but at the end I was like WHAT IS HAPPENING! LUCIEN AND ELAIN? MATES? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS? I totally did not see that coming but I really liked how Lucien was very protective of Elain in the end when he found out. I still don’t know what to think of him though…

Do I even have to talk about Ianthe? She’s a spoiled brat and I hate her so much! At first, I was a bit iffy about Amren but in the end I grew to love her and as I learned more and more of her past, I felt sympathy for her and now she is one of my favorite characters in this book! Mor, Azriel and Cassian are awesome too! Although, I was a bit confused about their relationship. At first I thought they had a love triangle relationship thing going on but in the end did Cassian develop a certain liking to Nesta? The relationships are all over the place in this book! (Which is great, haha)

5. Nesta and Elain
Speaking of the sisters, NESTA AND ELAIN! I really didn’t like them in the first book, especially Nesta but strangely, I grew to like them and in the end I really liked Nesta and Elain! Even though they didn’t like the fae, they gave up their home for the meetings and in the end went through sufferings for Feyre. I was glad that they knew how much Feyre has done for them and what they did was their own way of saying thank you so I, in the end, liked and cared for them.
6. The book/Hybern and the four stupid queens.
The book got me hooked right up from the start! It was such an interesting take on the story and so unique that I never felt bored! I was kind of confused about how the book “spoke” to her at some points. I was like “Is she imagining that or is that really happening?” The king of Hybern just totally scared me at the end when he had everybody  cornered. Even Tamlin! And the four stupid queens couldn’t keep their mouth shut and had to tell the king about Velaris. I did appreciate the queen that left half of the book at the meeting place. I totally forgot who she was!

7. Rhysand and Feyre’s secret Plan!
So when Feyre sacrificed herself for her friends, pretending to be disgusted with Rhysand and asking the king to break the bond Rhys and she had I was like NOOO! THIS IS THE END OF THE WORLD AND WE ARE GOING TO BE IN ONE HELL OF A MESS!
But of course they had a plan and it was brilliant! And romantic, shall I add:) THEY GOT MARRIED! PRIEST AND EVERYTHING! So even though the kind thought he broke the bond between Rhys and Feyre, he actually didn’t, making Feyre a spy in the spring court! It’s such a dangerous yet brilliant plan and I was just stunned by the brilliance of it. I loved how there was one chapter in Rhy’s point of view. That just really broke my heart and it makes me fear for the next book and yet want it even more!

This book was just absolutely mind blowing and I would totally read it over and over again. This book is officially one of the best books I’ve read in the year so far (Right up there with Lady Midnight!) I rate it a 5/5 stars (Of Course)
That was the longest review I have ever written! I hope you enjoyed it and tell me what you thought of this book!

Ruined by Amy Tintera Review


(I want to start this review by saying thank you to HarperCollins for sending me this book/ARC for review.)

Ruined by Amy Tintera is a new fantasy novel about a girl, Emelina Flores, who lost everything that she ever had. Her parents, her family, and her status as the next rightful ruler of the Ruined-people with inhuman powers. The reason for all of this is the Lera, and she would do anything to get vengeance for her parents and find her sister. Emelina disguises the Lera prince’s betrothed as she plans to kill the Lera royals…and the prince himself.
I was really excited to start this book because I read the plot line and it sounded really cool! I felt that the world was steadily built in a way that wasn’t confusing. The story starts out fast paced and continues that way for most of the book so I was really satisfied about that. But, although this book was a thoroughly enjoyable read, it wasn’t a five star MUST READ for me.
The transition in the book was a bit confusing sometimes and I wished that Tintera would describe the appearance of the characters more. I felt she was quite vague with the descriptions of the background, characters and the protagonist’s surroundings. While those things bothered me a tad bit, it wasn’t enough for me to close the book and stopped reading. These were just some minor problems that I had.
What I liked it the dialogue and the story line in this book. Tintera weaved the story so nicely that I felt that I was already a part of this world before I even read the first chapter! The character relationships and personalities were all really interesting and stood on it’s own instead of blending all together. The book had really fun and exciting moments that had me on the edge of my seat, eagerly turning the pages for more. The book was very entertaining and I think that Tintera targeted the story in which young adult readers had interests in. The romance was really good as well! I really liked the relationships in this book and I really wanted more !
Overall I rate this book 4/5! This was such a fun book to read and I cannot wait for the sequel! The ending was just (THE CLIFFHANGER)!!! If you’re looking for a fast paced fantasy novel, then this book is definitely for you!
Make sure to check this book out on May 3rd!!!

Lifeboat Clique by Kathy Parks Review


This book is a hilarious stand alone novel about a non popular kid stuck on a lifeboat(?) with four popular kids in the ocean with no food and water. The story has a little mix of mean girls and Friends and who can say no to that?
Honestly I didn’t have the highest expectations about this book since not a lot of people were talking about it but I was SO WRONG! This book was hilarious and it was one of the few books that made me laugh outright. Seriously. I am not over exaggerating this book made me laugh straight out loud! Denver, our non popular narrator is quirky and has hilarious metaphors and everybody had such unique personalities! Not one page was boring to me!
I started out hating almost everybody Denver in this book but I grew to like everybody and I did NOT expect the ending at all! Such a shock! The book is often called a book for mean girls fans but in this book is not just the story of mean girls and outcast girls. In this book is the story of the meaning of family, friends, loss and changing the world for the better by changing yourself.
If I am correct, Kathy Parks is a new author and she debuted with this book! I love her funny writing and I will continue to read her books in the future! I rate this book a 4.5/5!
Also, Happy May Book Fishes!

Front Lines by Michael Grant Review

Front Lines by Michael Grant is a fast paced, action packed historical fiction novel set back in 1942. At this year of war, women were allowed to join the army. This story follows three young girls, Rio, Frangie and Rainy as they go through the harsh life of the army and fight in the greatest war of history.
Being a huge fan of the genre historical fiction, I had a lot of expectations about this book. Especially since everybody raved about it. My expectations were not put down at all. This story was intriguing from start to finish and I didn’t want to stop turning the page!
I felt that this was book was truly wonderful also not just because of the great writing style but because of the realistic way Grant describes situations. The book contains racism and crude comments toward the blacks and Japenese which made me cringe but that’s why I loved it. Grant didn’t sugar coat the seriousness of the situation.
The romance in this was good and settle and I liked how Grant didn’t focus everyything solely on the war. I liked he weaves everybody’s background in to the story to make it interesting.
Overall I rate this a 5/5! A truly spendid read that I would read over and over again!

Yellow Brick War by Danielle Paige

Yellow Brick War is the third installment of the Dorothy must die series! The series is about Amy Glum-the other girl from Kansas-coming to Oz to find out that it’s magic has been corrupted by the one and only, Dorothy. The series evolves around a sassy, quirky female protagonist and I loved this book just as much-if not more-as the previous two books. This book is a must read and the series is a strong YA retelling that I would recommend to everybody.
Just to keep in mind, lots of people get confused that this is the final book in the series but it has been revealed that this book will be a saga, not a trilogy.
So this book pretty much picked up where it started. Oz is chaos and Amy Glum pretty much has to pick up the pieces. Everything is very complicated but I liked how Paige didn’t make it to overwhelming to the reader. I actually milked this book more than the second book because we get lots of humor in this one instead of Amy just stranded in the middle of nowhere.
My favorite part about this book was that Amy went back to the real world! Oh my, that was a bundle of fun and awkwardness and I LOVED it! I loved seeing Amy’s mom trying to change and I really felt for her because Amy had to leave her soon. And it was really fun seeing Madison and Dustin and the other Minor characters from Amy’s past. I feel like those characters will turn out to do something really major in the next book and I’m so excited! Although, during Amy’s trip back to her world, I would’ve liked it if Amy was a little less…bitter. I mean I totally understand where she is coming from and I guess in a way this makes her realistic. But I just thought she was a teeny bit annoying at times. Not too much to be a big of a bother though. (Thankfully)
The whole jazz about the Nome King frustrated me at the same time it intrigued me. Now Amy has two villains she needs to destroy. Amy all in all is a relatively mortal and nice person so it’s hard for her to destroy and kill somebody even though that person is like…evil. I mean, COME ON. At the end, Amy totally had a chance of killing Dorothy but nope. Heroines have to do the right thing. I was like: KILL HER KILL HER. CHOP HER BODY IN TO PIECES AND BURN HER IN TO FLAMES!!!
But of course that didn’t happen. Even though the whole castle(?) crashed down on Dorothy, I got the fishing feeling that she is still alive. (Sighs) Hey, at least we get another book! Next, Let’s talk about the romance. I really like Nox and Amy together. I feel that Nox is good for Am and she for him. But now that Nox is in the witch circle thing with Gert, Mombi and Glamora, things are even more complicated than before. But Nox and Amy do get a lot of kissy romantic scenes so I’m happy:)
This book has been such a joy to read. I rate it a 4.5/5 stars! What do you guys think? Have you guys read the book? What are your thoughts?

Wendy Higgins Interview

Hi guys! So recently I got to interview the amazing Wendy Higgins through email! She wrote the Sweet Evil trilogy and recently published her first book in the Eurona duology called The Great Hunt! I posted a review for the Great Hunt so check it out!
1. What inspired you to write the Great Hunt? Was it hard to create a new world of magic and beasts?
I was inspired by the introduction to the Brothers Grimm story “The Singing Bone.” As soon as I read the first paragraphs I had visions swirling through my mind. As for the story world, yes, it was hard for me. I’d never done anything like that. Every story I’d ever written to that point had all been based on earth, so creating lands, maps, and customs for a completely make-believe land was super fun, but a lot of work.
2. Which book was harder for you to write? Sweet Evil or The Great Hunt and why?
Sweet Evil was easier. That story flowed out of me much easier because it was first person point of view, based on earth, so I was able to focus more on one character and her actions/thoughts/circumstances.
3. Would you rather be a daughter of a Duke or would you rather be in Aerity’s position? Marry a man you have never known.
Ooh, holy cow, that is a hard one. During both books I was constantly thankful that I was not in these girls’ positions, haha. Although they’ve got some pretty awesome families, friends, and guys on their sides, so that’s a plus. But I guess I’d have to say I’d rather be in Aerity’s position. I’m a super sensitive softie (kind of like Anna) and I would die very quickly in the Sweet Evil world if I was expected to promote evil.
4. This is a hard question for everybody I believe! Who is more your type? Kaidan or Paxton and why?
Uuuuuuugh, you’re killing me, LOL!  Those are my boys!  Truly, both of them made me swoon and giggle, but if I have to choose I’m going to say Kaidan…because his journey made me cry so many tears.
5. Will we ever get a novella or a separate book about the side characters in any of your books?
I’m not sure about the Sweet Evil world, because it’s owned by the publisher (I’m contractually not allowed to write about angels/nephilim/demons unless it’s through them) and they haven’t asked for more. I would be open to it. I would also be open to writing a side story in the Eurona world after the sequel publishes because there is one particular character who I feel could use more of an ending…
6. Do you think you will ever try writing a contemporary novel again?
I am open to any idea that hits me and stays with me, regardless of genre. It just happens that the stories that have remained with me lately and not let my brain go have all been non-contemps.
7. What can we expect in the next book of The Eurona Duology?
You can expect more kissing, some unexpected twists in the relationships, war, and Princess Aerity stepping up even further for her kingdom.
8. Favorite YA novel?
The Poison Princess/Arcana Chronicles series by Kresley Cole. Brilliant and sexy.
9. How do you organize your thoughts when you write? Is there a certain method that you use?
I spend a LOT of time daydreaming, and then writing major thoughts in a spiral notebook. Sometimes I outline chunks of the story just to keep my mind straight. But usually I’m a panster and I just think…then write…think…then write. Then revise, and revise, and revise.
10. What advice do you give to aspiring writers?
Write the story on your heart. Don’t worry about what anyone thinks. Expect your first draft to be ugly – the beauty comes during revision. Getting published takes time and perseverance. Don’t give up on yourself.
Once again, Thank you Wendy for answering my questions!

Traitor Angels by Anne Blankman Spoiler free review

(Thanks to HarperTeen who sent me this ARC for review)
Six years have passed since England’s King Charles II returned from exile to reclaim the throne, ushering in a new era of stability for his subjects.
Except for Elizabeth Milton. The daughter of notorious poet John Milton, Elizabeth has never known her place in this shifting world—except by her father’s side. By day she helps transcribe his latest masterpiece, the epic poem Paradise Lost, and by night she learns languages and sword fighting. Although she does not dare object, she suspects that he’s training her for a mission whose purpose she cannot fathom.
Until one night the king’s men arrive at her family’s country home to arrest her father. Determined to save him, Elizabeth follows his one cryptic clue and journeys to Oxford, accompanied by her father’s mysterious young houseguest, Antonio Viviani, a darkly handsome Italian scientist who surprises her at every turn. Funny, brilliant, and passionate, Antonio seems just as determined to protect her father as she is—but can she trust him with her heart?
When the two discover that Milton has planted an explosive secret in the half-finished Paradise Lost—a secret the king and his aristocratic supporters are desperate to conceal—Elizabeth is faced with a devastating choice: cling to the shelter of her old life, or risk cracking the code, unleashing a secret that could save her father . . . and tear apart the very fabric of society-Amazon
I am a big fan of Anne Blankman’s other series, Prisoner of Night and Fog so I had high expectations for this one as well. Like always, the book exceeded my expectations and then some. The writing style was beautiful  and intricate and I felt myself in London with the characters. I could feel that Anne really knew what she was writing about. She knew the background of London and how things worked. This is a work of historical fiction but there is so much fact in it as well which is what makes this book so interesting.
I loved the main Character Elizabeth along with many other characters. The characters in this book were so unique on their own and I had such a fun time getting to know all of them. And the freaking plot twist in the end just totally blew me off and I LOVED IT! It’s not often a book surprises you and this one did! My emotions are still all over the place because I literally finished the book ten minutes before I started writing this review! I just totally didn’t see it coming!
And the MYSTERY. I felt like Sherlock Holmes while I was reading this book! There was so many puzzles and little clues thrown here and there. My brain hurt quite often during the book from thinking too much haha. I’m usually not the biggest fan of mystery, but this book is getting me hooked in to the genre! I also really enjoyed the romance in this book! Gradually formed and not the instant love attraction thing that I really despise. Although at some points of the book I felt that some parts could  be sped up a bit but now as I look back I could see that it was too give the story more detail. It was only a few parts though and not a big of a bother:)
I rate this book a 4.5/5 stars! A pleasant and delightful yet mysterious read! I couldn’t put it down! Make sure to check it out when it comes out in May 3rd! I will also be interviewing Anne Blankman soon on my blog so stay tuned!

The Great Hunt by Wendy higgins Book Review

When a monstrous beast attacks in Eurona, desperate measures must be taken. The king sends a proclamation to the best and bravest hunters: whoever kills the creature will win the hand of his daughter Princess Aerity as a reward. The princess recognizes her duty but cannot bear the idea of marrying a stranger—she was meant to marry for love—until a brooding local hunter, Paxton Seabolt, catches her attention. And while there’s no denying the fiery chemistry between them, Princess Aerity feels that Paxton’s mysteriousness is foreboding, maybe even dangerous.
Paxton is not the marrying type. Nor does he care much for spoiled royals and their arcane laws. He is determined to keep his focus on the task at hand—ridding the kingdom of the beast—but the princess continues to surprise him, and the secrets he’s buried begin to surface against his wishes-Amazon
This book is one of my favorites that I have read so far! The writing is fast paced and great along with the storyline! I loved Wendy Higgins’ Sweet Evil series and I was very excited to get to this one and as I expected, it did not disappoint!
I loved the diverse characters in this book as well. I rally liked how the author separated her characters from the Sweet Evil series. What I mean by this is, the characters in her books are all unique. For example, the male lead character in the Sweet Evil series is very moody, sarcastic and has a bad boy vibe while Paxton in The Great Hut is silent and conservative. (The Great Hunt and The sweet evil series are set in two totally different worlds)
BUT THE ENDING!!! IT KILLED ME AND RIPPED OUT MY SOUL AND HREDDED IT IN TO PIECES. But the thing is…weirdly enough, I liked it. I saw that a lot of people complained about the ending but people this is a SERIES! There will be more so I hope that out hearts will be cured in a year’s time:( ANOTHER YEAR of waiting…sigh. #BookNerdProblems
I rate this book a 4/5 stars. Such a fun, romantic and action packed read! Highly recommend this to anyone who likes The Selection (IDK why but it has that selection vibe to it) and the Hunger Games! I will be having an interview with Wendy Higgins so stay tuned! Thanks for reading!

Fierce Reads Book Tour Experience!!!

Hi guys! So yesterday, I went to the Fierce Reads Book Tour in Pasadena at Vroman’s Bookstore with my friend! So in this post, I will just tell you guys our experience with meeting the authors: Cecilia Ahern, Leigh Bardugo, Marie Rutkoski and Hariet Reuter Hapgood!
So my friend and I arrived at the bookstore at about 4:30ish and the event started at 6:00! The bookstore was so pretty and it’s actually the largest independent bookstore in California!
vromans%20bookstore  So we wandered around the lovely bookstore and I saw some books that I REALLY wanted to buy but sadly I couldn’t buy them:(. BUT! I got Flawed by Cecilia Ahern and Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo! I loved the Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo but I am ashamed to say that I have not read Six of Crows yet! I met Leigh Bardugo once at my local bookstore so I already got my Grisha Trilogy signed so I bought Six of Crows yesterday!
The panel discussions were so nice and all the authors were hilarious! Especially Leigh! After that we stood in line for the signing which only took about 40 minutes of waiting so I was super happy about that because I really don’t like standing in line for too long. (I mean, who does?) While in line, the bookstore handed out to us Fierce reads coloring books and they were super cool! It had book covers and author photos that you could color in so I’m super excited to get to that!
The authors were super nice and funny! They handed out a variety of bookmarks and pins and I also got a Six of Crows Tattoo That I would probably never put on but whatever. Maybe I’ll do a giveaway:) I was most excited to see Marie Rutkoski because I loved The Winners Trilogy so much and I wanted to meet her for so long!!! She was super sweet and she took my fangirling with ease so I was super happy about that!
Here are just some of the photos that I took with the authors:
IMG_3036.JPG Cecilia Ahern, author of Flawed
IMG_3038 Marie Rutkoski, author of The Winners Trilogy
IMG_3041.JPG Leigh Barduho, Author of the Grisha Trilogy and Six of crows
Then we got a Fierce Reads book bag which was super cool! So, that was my experience at the Fierce reads Book Tour! It was such an amazing experience and I cannot wait to read some of their books! Thanks for reading my experience post!!!

How to get over book hanovers...with more books!

So…Book Hangovers. All of us book nerds have been through that, shall I say, MULTIPLE TIMES! (I’m blaming this all on you, authors! But I still love you guys!)
On this post, I want to tell you guys how to get over a book hangover and recommend you book that will help you get over your one book obsession!
This basically means that you read a really good book (Yay!) This happened to me HARD when I read The Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu! Especially the third book! AHH just talking about it makes all the feels come back!
If you are showered by the feels just like I often am, I would totally recommend:
Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard and Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins!
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These books will get you up and going in no time! They are absolutely amazing and I love every single one of them!
You read a totally cute book and it has awesome characters and the romance is wonderful and…the book is over. You need another cute romance fling book that will ease your mind and stay with you for a long time! For this scenario, I totally recommend:
Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and November 9 by Colleen Hoover
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(Just be warned, ALL of Colleen Hoover’s book have extreme FEELS feeling stories! Be warned!)
If you’re kind of wanting to rest from all the romance drama, then I have the perfect two books for you…
An Ember in the ashes by Sabaa Tahir and Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson! These books have a slight hint of a romance but it’s close to almost nothing at all and the kick assery in this book will leave you begging for more!
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This is all for today! Did you find any books that caught your interest? They are all fantastic and they will surely help you get over the feels of the book you just read! I will be doing another book hangover post so stay tuned!