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Alex Approximately by Jenn Bennett Review

Alex Approximately is a book that I bought a long while back and I kept pushing it off for a while just because I thought it would be one of those sloppy cheesy and cliche contemporaries that I would sort of like and sort of hate

 BUT......I have to read it sometime so I thought, 'why not just pick this one up so I can read it in the span of a few weeks and know what's going on.' 

One of us is lying by Karen M. McManus Spoiler Free Review

One of us is lying is a teen murder mystery that revolves around four teenagers who are accused of murder.

Bronwyn, the brain

Addy, the beauty

Nate, the Criminal

Cooper, the Athlete

and Simon the Outcast-owner of the notorious gossip app About that are stuck in detention together. However, at the end of detention Simon is dead and only the other four come out safely. Who killed Simon?

Passenger by Alexander Bracken Review

 OMG I finally picked this book up. I think I bought this book like what, three years ago? The hype was so big for this book, so I bought it, but I never really was in the mood for a time travel story with complicated fantasy settings so I just never picked it up. 

But I am SO GLAD I DID!!

This book was full of twists and turns and I loved every single one of them. This book was close to five hundred pages but the story flew by so fast that I read it and only in about three days. I loved the main character Etta, she was such a relatable narrator and I absolutely loved her fierce attitude and personality. 

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black Spoiler Free Review

So I finally read my first Holly Black book! The Cruel Prince has been getting a LOT of hype recently in the book community so I decided to give it a go to start off my fantasy kick of 2018.

This book revolves around the world of faerie-which apparently is something that Holly Black is an expert of writing about. 

The book was beautifully written, the pacing was great and I thought the plot was fun, dark and twisted which all summed up to be a pretty great novel. 

Ivory and Bone by Julie Eshbaugh Review

Ivory and Bone is a historical fiction novel that is set during the ice age and it revolves around different clans, survival and etc. 

LOL I really don't know what else to say about this book that won't spoil it. 

I went in to this book with fairly high expectations even though I've put off reading it for about almost a year after I purchased it. Sarah J. Maas reviewed the book and claimed that it was excellent so of course I went in with some expectations. 

The biggest flaw of this book is that it was so freaking slow and boring. GOD nothing freaking happens for like the first 300 pages of this book when the whole novel is literally 370 pages. The first 300 pages is literally imagery, describing the scenery and the main character talking about how he and his brothers need to find a wife soon for their clan to survive. 

Till Death by Jennifer L Armentrout Spoiler Free

Jennifer L. Armentrout is just one of those authors you know will never disappoint. I was a tad bit skeptical about picking this one up just because I'm not really in to the thriller/mystery genre. But of course, Armentrout always delivers.

Till Death follows Sasha Keeton, who has narrowly escaped death from the murderer, the Groom. Now, she has decided the only way to truly move on is to move back to her hometown. But as soon as she appears a series of murders and violence spurs in the small town along with her college sweetheart Cole whom she left along with her home ten years ago. How will everything unsolve?

Frost Blood by Elly Blake Spoiler Free Review

Hi guys! It's truly been a long hiatus, one that I don't plan on taking for a long time anytime soon. I've been super busy and life has just been so hectic that blogging has taken its toll on me to the point where I just couldn't do it anymore at the time. Life is still pretty hectic, but I'm ready to just step back into the blogging world again!

ANYWAY now for the review!

So FrostBlood basically sets up a world with frostbloods who know how to yield frost and the fire bloods who obviously can yield fire. However, the firebloods are basically extinct due to the frost blood tyrant leader. Ruby, a fireblood is one of the few left and her mother vouches to protect her from the tyrannical king. However, the king has his own frostblood enemies that want his rule to end, despite them being frostbloods. With Ruby left as one of the only firebloods left, the frost bloods want to use her as their weapon. Will Ruby be able to defeat the frost blood king when she barely doesn't know anything of her own power?